Be wary – a cautionary tale about faddy diets

Firstly I wanted to say thank you to every single person who read, reacted to, shared and responded to my article the other day about how my depression is pretty shit at the moment and my raw shit about binge eating – it was so well received and the love and support is overwhelming.  I wish I could put every single one of you in my pocket and carry you around with me. Continue reading “Be wary – a cautionary tale about faddy diets”

Is it only in my head? When mental health gets physical

It’s generally believed that mental illness is just that – in your head.

But sometimes the stresses in your head get so great that mental illness starts affecting you slightly more and showing physically. Continue reading “Is it only in my head? When mental health gets physical”

#FatherhoodFriday featuring Daddy Poppins

I have been in the blogging world for a few months now and I love The Bloggerhood – I’ve (virtually) met so many lovely people and I wanted to celebrate this by featuring some amazing daddy bloggers.

The blogging world is predominantly female-orientated and recently there’s been a spate of dad-blogger bashing which is not cool.

#FatherhoodFriday is a celebration of daddy bloggers and I’m so excited to share some awesome bloggers with you over the next few weeks – for anyone wishing to take part, you are more than welcome, please get in touch! Continue reading “#FatherhoodFriday featuring Daddy Poppins”

Days Out with a Toddler: Little Fant Farm

This weekend we had some beautiful weather and a toddler with more energy than the Duracell bunny.

Saturday we visited Leeds Castle and had a lovely day; but despite the mountain of washing I needed to conquer I decided to take the mancub out for a few hours to try and burn off some energy.

I love the Spring and Summer and I feel incredibly lucky to live in Kent, especially on a beautiful sunny day. Continue reading “Days Out with a Toddler: Little Fant Farm”