Please don’t abuse me, I’m here to help you

It’s really difficult to talk about my work as I’m bound by confidentiality, data protection and all sorts of rules and regulations.  I have mentioned before that I am a receptionist in a dental practice and we are predominantly NHS and very busy.  What I am about to write is from my own experience and is my own personal opinion; no names have been mentioned. Continue reading “Please don’t abuse me, I’m here to help you”

Get the number one out of your bumhole RIGHT NOW

I could find no better description for this post, it’s about bumholes.

If you are easily offended or a little prude, don’t read on.  To be honest you probably shouldn’t read any of my posts as I have no filter, but ho hum.

I’m still flogging the dead horse that is potty training my two year old. Continue reading “Get the number one out of your bumhole RIGHT NOW”


So I finally after four months got a place for counselling and help with Big D, after a long wait for the secondary mental health service.

I have to attend every Wednesday at 3pm and I only get six appointments. When I said I would have to let them know as I had to arrange childcare they said that wasn’t an option and if I couldn’t do that time I would be discharged. Continue reading “Frustrated”