Big D & Me: Going Solo

It’s currently 3am and I’m wide awake and not loving life.

I’ve been free of painkillers and all medication except Levothyroxine for twelve days.

I can feel the old me coming back and my mind is a bit of a pickle.

My aches and pains are still going but I seem to have broken the painkiller cycle and I can cope a lot better without painkillers, I think I had built up a huge tolerance and they just weren’t working as well. Continue reading “Big D & Me: Going Solo”

Review: Mums’ Night Out with The Unmumsy Mum & Giovanna Fletcher. 21st March 2017

So I booked tickets to Mums’ Night Out a while back; before my dabble into blogging I was a huge fan of Gi and I’ve read all her books and followed her blog since the beginning.  I found out I was pregnant the day Buzz was born so it’s been nice to read her stuff and see what I had to come.  I’m aware how fan-girl that sounds, no fucks given.

I started following Sarah AKA The Unmumsy Mum from quite early on too, at a time when there wasn’t really any mum bloggers and I really loved her posts – so relatable and funny and they got me through many a night feed.  That awkward moment the baby has fallen asleep and long finished a feed and you didn’t realise because you were too busy reading.  I hope I’m not alone on that. Continue reading “Review: Mums’ Night Out with The Unmumsy Mum & Giovanna Fletcher. 21st March 2017”

Writing & Using Positive Affirmations

So I had a thought the other day.  About negative thinking and how we start to believe negative thoughts when we tell ourselves them all the time.

I did a bit of Google research and came across affirmations.

Instantly I had the Savage Garden song stuck in my head.  What a tune. Continue reading “Writing & Using Positive Affirmations”

Goodbye Happy Pills

I should probably say firstly that my opinions are my own and are based on my own experience.  You should always seek medical opinion before deciding on stopping any medication, and I don’t recommend doing what I have done.  I’m also a huge fan of happy pills(anti-depressants) and am not dissing them in any way, shape, or form. Continue reading “Goodbye Happy Pills”

Meeting Other Mums (scarier than your first post-partum poo)

(EDIT – This post refers to the act of meeting other mums, not any websites or blogs with that name – they are totally not scary and should not be compared to poo in any way, shape or form.  Let alone scary post-partum ones)

Once your beautiful new little person has been brought into the world and you have got used to(I use that term loosely) your new life as a mum, you start to get cabin fever and realise that there’s a whole new world to be discovered. Continue reading “Meeting Other Mums (scarier than your first post-partum poo)”

Meal Planning – Week 1 – 12th March 2017

I love eating and I love food, but I’m terrible with money and incredibly lazy.

I end up buying random stuff that I never use and end up with so much waste.

I came across a bloghop called #mealplanningmonday hosted by Hijacked by Twins and Little Paper Swans and I’ve sat and read every single post, I’m so inspired and full of ideas to try and plan as best I can. Continue reading “Meal Planning – Week 1 – 12th March 2017”