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Review: Petite Prosecco

I think it goes without saying that I like Prosecco – I’ve always been more of a sparkling wine/bubbles type of girl and no Friday(or Saturday) night is complete without a glass of something.

Unfortunately for me, alcohol has and always will cause me to gain weight; over the years I’ve always struggled to find a balance where I can enjoy the odd glass and still lose weight. Continue reading “Review: Petite Prosecco”

Review: Wicked Uncle

We have reached a point now where the boy has friends(bless him) and so we find ourselves invited to birthday parties – and so most Friday nights I find myself on a last-minute dash to a local superstore to find a suitable gift, the disorganised nightmare that I am.

I say I’m disorganised – I hate being late, unprepared and not organised; so I’m always looking for ways to try and make life that little bit easier. Continue reading “Review: Wicked Uncle”

Finding the perfect mattress

Mattresses are one of those boring things that need replacing every few years(experts recommend replacing them every 5-10 years); mattress shopping can be boring and there are so many different types to choose from.

Our mattress has had a hard life – it still has an imprint from my fat, pregnant bottom and it has been covered in baby sick, poo, wee, coffee – so we decided it’s time to replace it. Continue reading “Finding the perfect mattress”

In your face, anxiety – part two: London with a 3 year old

Yesterday was a huge day for me – we had been invited to Hamleys  for a special event and after my last trip to London I thought I’d be okay.

Turns out my anxiety had other ideas – I started feeling awful about it two days before and the night before I hardly slept.  What if I lost the boy?  What if we got lost?  What if I couldn’t cope being in crowds of people?

What if, what if, what if.

Continue reading “In your face, anxiety – part two: London with a 3 year old”

Freshen up your office space

The office.  When you think of an office it’s usually a grey space with a small desk and a computer, and not much else.

I worked in an office for nine years and often found myself staring into space – I didn’t even have a window to gaze out of – so I found ways to make my desk and little space of the office as bright and comfortable as possible. Continue reading “Freshen up your office space”