Paranoia: Big D is at it again

It’s bloody freezing this morning and the mancub has just produced one of the most rancid nappies ever.  Bleurgh.  It’s too early for wine right? I don’t know if it’s a side effect of Big D or the Fluoxetine but I’m so paranoid all the time. A doctor told me last week I’m morbidly obese […]

It’s Okay not to be Okay

Depression is a fucker. Mental illness is a horrible, vile, thing; it sucks away your soul and reduces you to a self loathing wreck, and a shadow of your former or normal self.

Chronic Pain & Me

It’s 7am, and I should feel refreshed, full of energy, ready to go. Instead I’m sat watching CBeebies and crying into my morning coffee. Big D wise I feel better; four weeks of Fluoxetine and I feel more like me again.  It still really hurts my heart to write this but I’m getting proper rushes […]

How do you like your eggs in the morningĀ 

Yep, this is random as, I know. But I bloody love scrambled eggs.   Ever since I was little I’ve loved them all ways, cheesy, marmite, bovril, you name it. And then from about my early teens it became the norm to microwave scrambled eggs. Bleurgh. Gross. And so from then until late last year […]

My favourite quote of all time

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind          Dr. Seuss/Bernard M. Baruch I have tried to live my life by this for years; for me it’s simple but really makes me think. I always want to try to […]

5 cleaning hacks for the busy mum

I was never house proud until a few years ago, ironically when I became a mum and suddenly I felt the overwhelming urge to clean and tidy all the time. Unfortunately that’s impossible with a baby/toddler/child – there is always laundry to do, always crumbs on the floor and always mess. And it drives me […]

The Lazy Mum Winter Beauty Tips

Some days I’m a complete lazy bitch and today is one of those days. I’m tired, everything hurts, no spoons and all that, and we need some food shopping. I thought I’d do my usual ‘walk to the shop and walk further if we feel like it’ but I do not feel like it.  I […]

Winnie The Pooh Day

It’s National Winnie The Pooh Day, whatever that means I have no idea BUT I love that silly willy nilly old bear and I couldn’t let the day go without saying something. I have loved and treasure these stories since I can remember and I love that I can now introduce my little man cub […]

Pepperoni & Prawn Paella

Aside from all the swearing, depression and mum stuff, I love cooking and I love creative new dishes and cooking lovely nutritious meals for my boys. Hubbo will eat pretty much anything; apart from courgette and tomatoes that is.  Which he eats because I conceal them in meals… *evil laugh* My Father-in-law sent me a […]

You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem…

Winnie The Pooh. I have read the stories so many times and I love the morals and lessons hidden within them. This quote is one of my favourites and always makes me think. Same goes for everyone, you are always more than what you believe you are. Lx