A proud moment

Today was a big moment for me. I had an article accepted and published on HappyNewMum.

Another week, another health kick…

I’m so disappointed; all my good intentions at the start of the year(yes I mean two months ago) have gone to shit and I’m back where I started. I’m bloated, sluggish, retaining water like a massive sponge and I feel terrible. My thyroid has gone overactive and I know that’s not a good thing but

Liebster Award – discover new blogs!

I’ll be honest this was one I’d never heard of but I quite like the look of it and thank you very much to the lovely Sara at Mind Your Mamma for the nomination. The idea behind the Liebster Award is to spread a

Our First… Trip to the Cinema

I’ve wanted to do a toddler-friendly cinema screening for ages but could never face the hassle, hell and potential tantrums

Going Potty: An Update

  Well.  Blow me. This morning out of nowhere, the mancub decided to dig out the potty, sit on it and had a wee. I was shocked.  And bloody proud.  I cried.

10 Things… about me

I was having a bit of a blog stalking session last night; not as dodgy as it sounds, just decided to look at loads of different blogs about various things and get to know people I follow and

Today I lost my shit

It has not been a great weekend. Yesterday I worked all day; work was busy and rather stressful.

Stuck in Painsville again

It’s 6pm, I’m in bed. We went out today, I’ve walked about two miles which is nothing to me. The pain in my legs and whole body is so bad I can’t even cry, that hurts too.

Thursday Thoughts: Preschool Pressure

My little person was two in November 2016 and we don’t get the free childcare until January 2018.  I always though kids just went to preschool/playschool/nursery around the age of three and that was that.

Dear Diary… Weds 15th February 2017

I’ve never been very good at keeping a diary; mainly because I get so tired I always fall asleep and miss a day and then get OCD that I have a blank page. But I do really find that writing things down makes me feel better