A complete change in “diet”

Note I use the term “diet” loosely – I’m a huge believer in finding something that is a change for life and not just a quick faddy thing. As mentioned before I have been on and off the Slimming World wagon more times than I care to remember and as much as I love it […]

Is blogging for me?

I don’t know if this is a by-product of now being happy-pill free, hormones, or a normal phase, I’m not sure. But I find myself questioning whether blogging is for me.

Dear Me, pre-motherhood, when my arse didn’t require its own postcode

Dear Me, pre-motherhood, AKA 2013-me. You may not believe this but in four years time you will be a mum to a little shit boisterous free-spirited two year old mancub you named the mancub. Crazy right – they’ve just told you that you can’t conceive naturally, that you don’t ovulate.

I’m okay, thank you all ❤️

I’ve just posted this on my Instagram and Twitter; and wanted to post it here too. I know my posts can be a little deep sometimes – depression can take you to some pretty dark and scary places and I always promise myself my blog will be honest and true. Part of being honest and […]

She’s sad, so sad.

Oh look, she’s here! She has a huge smile on her face, She’s laughing and joking; she’s fine. But she’s far from it you see, Inside she cries. Inside she’s sad, so sad.

Meal Plan 26th March 2017 & Getting Back On It Part 238,456

Ug.  I’m a little bit shit at this meal planning malarkey. And I’m not doing so well on the healthy living front either. Big fat fail. But, it’s a new week, and must stay positive.  Operation Reduce My Huge Arse must continue.

Big D & Me: Going Solo

It’s currently 3am and I’m wide awake and not loving life. I’ve been free of painkillers and all medication except Levothyroxine for twelve days. I can feel the old me coming back and my mind is a bit of a pickle. My aches and pains are still going but I seem to have broken the […]