A complete change in “diet”

Note I use the term “diet” loosely – I’m a huge believer in finding something that is a change for life and not just a quick faddy thing.

As mentioned before I have been on and off the Slimming World wagon more times than I care to remember and as much as I love it I find it incredibly hard to stick to long term. Continue reading “A complete change in “diet””

Dear Me, pre-motherhood, when my arse didn’t require its own postcode

Dear Me, pre-motherhood, AKA 2013-me.

You may not believe this but in four years time you will be a mum to a little shit boisterous free-spirited two year old mancub you named the mancub.

Crazy right – they’ve just told you that you can’t conceive naturally, that you don’t ovulate. Continue reading “Dear Me, pre-motherhood, when my arse didn’t require its own postcode”

I’m okay, thank you all ❤️

I’ve just posted this on my Instagram and Twitter; and wanted to post it here too.

I know my posts can be a little deep sometimes – depression can take you to some pretty dark and scary places and I always promise myself my blog will be honest and true.

Part of being honest and true is showing the bad and hard stuff and sharing how my silly poorly head makes me feel.

I was really touched to read the messages and comments on my posts today, the best part of blogging is other bloggers and the support is unreal.

I’ve had some lovely messages and comments today, and I want to say thank you for being so kind.

Please don’t worry, I’m okay. Continue reading “I’m okay, thank you all ❤️”