Me vs. my 2.5 year old – S.O.S.

It’s currently 17:47 and I’m at the end of the never-ending tether. I’ve lost my shit so much I have no shit left to lose. I’m hitting a desperate stage; I don’t know what to do anymore.

Blog critique: not always from a good place

This morning I made a mistake.  I regretted it instantly. In a Facebook group a seemingly kind person was offering tips and tricks after sharing some frustrations that blogging for many is just about freebies and payment. I asked him to have a look at my blog and offer some advice.

#FatherhoodFriday featuring Ask Yer Father

I have been in the blogging world for a few months now and I love The Bloggerhood – I’ve (virtually) met so many lovely people and I wanted to celebrate this by featuring some amazing daddy bloggers. The blogging world is predominantly female-orientated and recently there’s been a spate of dad-blogger bashing which is not […]

Boogie Monsters – a live gig for the whole family

Pre-baby I loved to go out-out most weekends and dance the night away or catch live bands; as we all know life changes completely post-baby and now me and the hubs are lucky if we catch five minutes to dance in the kitchen let alone go out-out. On a particularly terrible two/tantrum related stressful day […]

Beating Big D: Counselling & Therapy Update

I wanted to write a little update about counselling and how I feel in general. Every Wednesday I am having an hour-long session with a counsellor online and we discuss anything and everything, as per my previous post. At the end of each session we set goals and sometimes some reading material to help me […]

The Terrible Twos: When your toddler goes rogue

The little dude is two and a half and his behaviour is becoming more and more challenging. I’m not proud to admit I’ve cried multiple times a day for a while; normally out of sheer frustration when things go wrong. My head isn’t great at the minute and I know that’s not helping; it feels a […]

My heart breaks for you

Monday 22nd May 2017.  Manchester. As a mother, and as a human being I’m so upset and distressed by what happened; I cannot put into words how tragic and awful this attack was.

Be wary – a cautionary tale about faddy diets

Firstly I wanted to say thank you to every single person who read, reacted to, shared and responded to my article the other day about how my depression is pretty shit at the moment and my raw shit about binge eating – it was so well received and the love and support is overwhelming.  I wish […]

#MySundayPhoto 21st May 2017

I’m keeping it simple this week and sharing a couple of photos from my local area; I live next to the River Medway and on the site of an old paper mill.