The dog has an op & the toddler is devo 

(FYI – devo = devastated) the mancub is three in November and I think sometimes I forget how much he can understand. Or maybe I don’t forget.  I just massively underestimate him.

A new addition

So this last week has been a little crazy.  We started the week as a family of four. Me, the hubs, the mancub and our black cat Pierre. We discovered on Monday that our next door neighbours were moving house and they were unable to take or find a home for their six month old […]

Days out with a toddler: Dorset

We recently returned from a glorious week in delightful Dorset with the mancub who is two and a half. We did so much – Dorset may be a small county but it is packed full of beautiful scenery and days out for all ages.

Review: Shimmer Pinnacle Notebook

I was sent a gorgeous notebook from Doodle Collection and it was so beautiful I wanted to share it with you. Doodle Collection have lots of beautifully designed notebooks and gifts available to buy from here, I spend most of my life writing on a laptop, iPhone, iPad, but I’m also a huge fan of […]

I had a little break

You will have noticed that I have not posted much of late and have majorly abused my lovely blog.

Being bad ass: will I love my child?

An email popped up yesterday. “Your toddler at 32 months” – I’ll be honest, I count in years and have no idea in months. Three year ago I was 24 weeks pregnant; I was depressed, scared, anxious, and a mess.

Depression & dehydration – my 7 day challenge

I’ve now been on duloxetine for five weeks and I’ve had a slight increase in dosage to try and ease the anxiety but for the most part I am feeling better. Well.  I thought I was anyways.