In your face, anxiety – a trip to London (& an awesome reward)

I don’t talk about anxiety very much; for me it’s like depression’s overshadowed younger sibling and it seems to get forgotten.  But it’s very much there and very much something I struggle to overcome every day. Continue reading “In your face, anxiety – a trip to London (& an awesome reward)”

iPhone 8/8 Plus & iOS 11

Last week I was invited up to London to check out the latest iPhones along with Apple’s brand new iOS 11.

I currently have an iPhone 6 and it’s slow and frustrating; I’m always a few years decades behind everyone else but I have loved Apple products since I bought my first iPod Mini years ago. Continue reading “iPhone 8/8 Plus & iOS 11”

Vitamin D deficiency & me

After a routine blood test detected I had a Vitamin D deficiency about two years ago I’ve tried every remedy under the sun including supplements, but nothing as yet has worked.

As I’ve written previously I’m sure my depression and chronic fatigue is made worse by hormones and a vitamin D defieciency.  So is it something we should all worry about? Continue reading “Vitamin D deficiency & me”