Sticky Satay Noodles – 1.5 syns

This amazing bowl of yumness came from an experiment one day when I was trying to make my lunch more protein-packed and exciting. I’ve tried it two ways: Make Super Noodles(the low fat ones are FREE) as per instructions but add the dark soy sauce and peanut butter powder and it comes out all sticky […]

My mental health – I’ve reached a crossroads

I’ve posted loads over the last however many months about my mental health; I apologise as some of it is a little mashed up but that’s just the way mental illness is. My GP has been treating me for depression for years and now I have been referred to a secondary service(again) I’ve received a […]

I’m not Insta-ready… do I care?

I feel like this is coming from an angry place and I don’t know why – but I want to talk about Instagram and why it winds me up so much. The premise of Insta is simple; post a square photo, chuck in some hashtags and people will like and comment on your posts.  Simple […]

I love you, even when it rains

I’ve never written my birth story.  A few people have told me it’s strange that I haven’t when I have written so openly and honestly about everything else. I’ve tried so many times; and I end up so traumatised and upset that I can’t continue.

Club 10 – so near yet so far

For the non Slimming Worlder that may be reading this, various achievements are celebrated on your weight loss journey and although my 1 stone award is really close I’m desperate to achieve my Club 10 by Christmas.

Weigh in Wednesday: Week 7

I’m late yet again but here is my update on my Fat Club AKA Slimming World journey. It’s been a totally shit few weeks – I’ve had a cold, kidney infection and now oral surgery.

Pick your own Pumpkins in & around Maidstone

It’s the week before Halloween and it’s beautifully autumnal everywhere you go; it’s my favourite time of the year and so this morning I decided to take the small person pumpkin picking.