A harmless conversation outside preschool

I dropped the boy at preschool this morning and did my usual anxious thing of standing as far as possible from the other parents and trying to avoid eye contact with anyone at all.  It’s a huge trigger for me, and I’m really trying to deal with it. Continue reading “A harmless conversation outside preschool”

Under an Amber Sky by Rose Alexander – Book Review

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a self confessed bookworm; I always tend to have several books on the go and I love reading – I can get through a book a day if time permits me to(which it doesn’t as a busy working mum).

I came across Rose Alexander on Twitter on day and was recommended her book called ‘Under an Amber Sky’; it looked totally up my street so I downloaded the book(I love my Kindle and love how I can read books across all my devices and on my phone). Continue reading “Under an Amber Sky by Rose Alexander – Book Review”

Christmas, Pass the Prosecco style

I have loved Christmas for as long as I can remember; the build up, Christmas Eve and the magic of it all.  Even as an adult, I would still wake up at 4am and revel in the magical feeling and calm of Christmas Day morning.

In November 2014 I gave birth to my son, our little miracle after battling infertility for many years; and Christmas became even more magical as a mum. Continue reading “Christmas, Pass the Prosecco style”

The day the rains came(down my legs)

This story has come from reading the lovely Whinge Whinge Wine’s latest post about pelvic floor dramas(you can read it here) which reminded me about a traumatic experience on a trampoline post-baby.

This post contains a lot of TMI – you have been warned. Continue reading “The day the rains came(down my legs)”