Review: Adventure Avenue – Burgess Hill

We were super excited to be invited to check out Adventure Avenue in Burgess Hill along with the very lovely Mummy in a Tutu and Whinge Whinge Wine and of course our little ones ahead of the grand opening.

Finding the perfect family car

**Sponsored Post** I love cars.  Cars have always been my pride and joy and in my late teens and early twenties I took great pride in keeping my car clean and tidy. And then I found myself pregnant and not looking forward to the prospect of packing a huge travel system into a small hatchback.

CaseApp – win a personalised phone or tablet case!

I’m terrible with phones and tablets – the amount of times I lose them down the back of the sofa, the car or my handbag is unreal so I love finding lovely cases that protect my devices. I came across CaseApp one day while looking for Christmas presents and was super excited to be able […]

They see me rollin’… with bare tyres

We recently visited family on the Isle of Wight and thought we had remembered everything. We arrived after a longish journey the car and settled down for Christmas with family.  All was good.

#SmearForSmear 2018 – my story

Cervical screening/smear/pap smear testing is one of those things as a woman we all dread. I’m going all out TMI in this post – because all women have the same bits, and these bits make us beautiful and grow babies – so why be prudish eh.  

The most savage of flare-ups

I’ve been stuck in a flare-up for two weeks now; for those who don’t know a flare-up is brutal – it’s when your chronic illness gets triggered by something(or sometimes nothing) and you feel really shit for a few days/weeks/months.

To avocado or not to avocado

Avocados.  They are everywhere these days; and they are touted as a good fat and amazingly good for you. What’s that you say – a good fat, do they even exist?  For years we have been told fat is bad for us, yet we need fat to live and yes, there are good sources of […]

Christmas on the Isle of Wight

For the first time in years I went away for Christmas this year – my mother in law lives in Ryde and so we went and stayed with her for a week. I’ve spoken before about the seaside – it’s my happy place and my dream to live next to the sea.

A diagnosis and an absence

Happy New Year, how are we all? I’ve been having a bit of a blog break for the last few weeks; life has been hectic and a lot has happened – hence this post…