Travelling with a Chronic Illness: how to make it easier

Chronic illnesses have the potential to leave you floored. They can sap all energy and often prove a test to your daily lifestyle.  As such, they’re unsurprisingly a major hurdle for anyone looking to jet off on their holidays. Today, let’s tackle four ways to make a holiday with a disease of this nature much […]

Spain, beautiful Spain

On days like today when it’s cold and grey here in miserable England I find myself daydreaming and looking at holidays online. Prior to parenthood I would go away anywhere around 6-10 times a year in the UK and abroad.  I’m a terrible flyer, to the extent that I attended a ‘Flying without Fear’ course […]

The day a plastic clock changed my life

You know those parents that gloat that their children have slept through the night since three days old?  Or the smug ones who implemented a routine very early on and tell you how their children sleep all night. I was a mix of those things for a while; although the boy would wake and grizzle […]