Finding the perfect mattress

Mattresses are one of those boring things that need replacing every few years(experts recommend replacing them every 5-10 years); mattress shopping can be boring and there are so many different types to choose from.

Our mattress has had a hard life – it still has an imprint from my fat, pregnant bottom and it has been covered in baby sick, poo, wee, coffee – so we decided it’s time to replace it. Continue reading “Finding the perfect mattress”

Saving for unexpected expenses: keeping costs down

We all love payday — the day where we think we can splash out the cash and buy items that we probably don’t need. We all make New Year’s resolutions, and they can often be disastrous, with 80% of people failing by February and regretting it instantly — have you managed to stick at yours? One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to cut down on spending, and although this sounds achievable, if you don’t have a fully-pledged strategy in place, the likeliness of failure spirals out of control. Continue reading “Saving for unexpected expenses: keeping costs down”