Stepping back

I’ve been quiet again on the blog front, for no real reason apart from I’m really trying to focus on getting my head in a good place.

Plus I feel like I’ve lost my mojo yet again – I lost focus and seem to have got lost in a world I can’t keep up with.

So I’m going back to basics and writing from the head and heart, and taking a break of sorts until the new year.

I’ll still be here and around on social media – just not as much.


Week 14 – Slimming World & weight loss update

I’m so rubbish at these weekly updates – but it’s been an awesome week after a few up and down ones where I’ve struggled to get my head back into the game.

So I decided last week to really try and stay on plan and do the best I could – I also took advice from my consultant who very wisely said that 7 days is a long time, and to think about the week as 21 meals; which really resonated with me. Continue reading “Week 14 – Slimming World & weight loss update”

Santa’s Grotto – Polhill Garden Centre Sevenoaks Christmas 2017

Every year I seem to end up visiting Santa multiple times and this year is no exception – we had visited Polhill last year with some mummy and baby friends and we decided to do the same this year and make it a tradition. Continue reading “Santa’s Grotto – Polhill Garden Centre Sevenoaks Christmas 2017”

A harmless conversation outside preschool

I dropped the boy at preschool this morning and did my usual anxious thing of standing as far as possible from the other parents and trying to avoid eye contact with anyone at all.  It’s a huge trigger for me, and I’m really trying to deal with it. Continue reading “A harmless conversation outside preschool”