I’m not Insta-ready… do I care?

I feel like this is coming from an angry place and I don’t know why – but I want to talk about Instagram and why it winds me up so much.

The premise of Insta is simple; post a square photo, chuck in some hashtags and people will like and comment on your posts.  Simple right? Continue reading “I’m not Insta-ready… do I care?”

iPhone 8/8 Plus & iOS 11

Last week I was invited up to London to check out the latest iPhones along with Apple’s brand new iOS 11.

I currently have an iPhone 6 and it’s slow and frustrating; I’m always a few years decades behind everyone else but I have loved Apple products since I bought my first iPod Mini years ago. Continue reading “iPhone 8/8 Plus & iOS 11”

It’s my favourite time of the year

I bloody love September.  It’s my favourite month for the simple reason that there is so much to look forward to and it makes me happy.

I often wonder if I’m a seasonal depressive – the presence of screaming school children and hot weather in the summer holidays always pisses me off. Continue reading “It’s my favourite time of the year”

A letter to my blog(I’ve not lost the plot, promise)

My darling blog,

It’s your long lost mum here.  I’m so sorry I’ve neglected you – I’ve lost my way in the blogging world and it’s taken a near breakdown and a lot of stress to realise how much I love you and how much I miss the simple times.

Remember back in December when you were newborn?  I would sit and write whatever filled my head and there was no pressure.  We used to connect and I could tell you everything.

I could and would sit for hours and write whatever came out, and we created some masterpieces together.

Every Thursday and Friday I was so proud and excited to show you off in link-ups; and together we connected with other mums and dads and blog-babies and made friends.

But I lost my way.  People wanted to pay mummy to write for them and to publish sponsored posts on you.

Mummy greedily loved the money and the free shit and forgot the reason she started you.

You became a chore and I didn’t enjoy you anymore.  We fell out of love.

I started you, my darling Pass the Prosecco Please, as a place to vent my innermost thoughts and feelings and to do what I have always loved and enjoyed – writing.

I’ve become lost in a world of sponsored posts, statistics, SEO, and labels, and this is not who we are.

So, darling blog.  We are going back to basics.

Gone are the statistics and pressure.  No more freebies, reviews, sponsored posts.

We are going back to raw, unfiltered writing, and connecting with others across social media.

We are going to remember why we started this – and we are going back to it.

Lots of love,

Lisa x