In your face, anxiety – part two: London with a 3 year old

Yesterday was a huge day for me – we had been invited to Hamleys  for a special event and after my last trip to London I thought I’d be okay.

Turns out my anxiety had other ideas – I started feeling awful about it two days before and the night before I hardly slept.  What if I lost the boy?  What if we got lost?  What if I couldn’t cope being in crowds of people?

What if, what if, what if.

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The Scales – an unhealthy addiction?

A year ago I binned my scales in a sort of dieting rebellion and decided that I didn’t need to obsess over the numbers on the sad step.

2017 was to be the year I broke the habit of a lifetime – I wanted to do a whole year of not weighing myself, and break the obsessive pattern I’d got myself into.

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Crying in the kitchen

I’m not sure what this is to be honest – prose, poetry, or just a few lines of complete shit.

This morning I found myself crying in the kitchen because I was in so much pain I didn’t know what else to do but cry.  I had so much to do – chores, make the packed lunches, get both of us ready and the boy off to pre-school yet I was so overcome with pain I had to hide in the kitchen and have a cry. Continue reading “Crying in the kitchen”

Calorie counting & going back to basics – my weight loss journey

I’ve not written about my weight loss for a while, for a few reasons:

  1. I’ve not lost any weight
  2. I’ve lost all willpower
  3. I’ve fallen back into the faddy diets cycle again.

As I wrote back in September I joined Slimming World and lost a stone, and was chuffed to pieces as it came off within a month, however over the next six months I just lost and regained the same two pounds, and became really pissed off and demotivated. Continue reading “Calorie counting & going back to basics – my weight loss journey”

A night out on my own – anxiety & the cinema

My anxiety has been awful this week – I’m blaming hormones as there isn’t really any other reason for crying all the time and being so anxious over everything.  I feel totally out of sorts – and I just want to feel a bit more, well, normal again.

I’ve tried so hard to keep my head above water by doing little things to keep myself positive and happy, such as going out for a walk every day and keeping on top of my housework.   Continue reading “A night out on my own – anxiety & the cinema”

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome(PMS): my period makes me crazy

It’s Thursday lunchtime, the boy is at preschool and the dog is going batshit crazy over a cat in the garden.

I’m sat at my desk(the kitchen table) eating crudites(posh name for carrot sticks innit) and hummus(middle class wannabe) and enjoying the quiet. Continue reading “Pre-Menstrual Syndrome(PMS): my period makes me crazy”

I’m not good at resting. Or listening.

Rest. I’d forgotten the meaning of the word to be honest.

My AS diagnosis before Christmas has massively changed my mindset – I should be looking after myself, taking it easy and working within my limits.  Unfortunately this isn’t the change I mean – I’ve turned into a chronic illness rebel. Continue reading “I’m not good at resting. Or listening.”

Travelling with a Chronic Illness: how to make it easier

Chronic illnesses have the potential to leave you floored. They can sap all energy and often prove a test to your daily lifestyle.  As such, they’re unsurprisingly a major hurdle for anyone looking to jet off on their holidays. Today, let’s tackle four ways to make a holiday with a disease of this nature much easier. Continue reading “Travelling with a Chronic Illness: how to make it easier”