Why a full-fat cheesecake should be just that

It’s that time of year in the realm of Slimming World where the Christmas countdown begins and that can only mean one thing.

Taster week.

The though fills me with dread.  I’m expecting a table full of scan-bran cake and jelly sweets made from no-fat yoghurts. Continue reading “Why a full-fat cheesecake should be just that”

Weigh-in Wednesday(late again) – week 5

I’m as flaky as a, well, flake at the moment… I’m still playing catching up after my massive depressive episode and plus my hubs has been poorly(will explain more later on that).

So this Wednesday was my week 5 weigh in and I was shitting it.  I’d not been sticking to plan and I was expecting a gain.  I was also full of cold and my body wanted bread and nothing else. Continue reading “Weigh-in Wednesday(late again) – week 5”

Health & Happiness

Another day, another slight change to my categories… for anyone who hasn’t read my blog I write about issues that are raw and real life and at the moment and ongoing these tend to focus on my struggles with depression and my weight.

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to come up with categories and a blog that is easy to navigate and follow and because of this I’ve decided to place anything relating to depression, anxiety, mental health, chronic illness, and my weight loss struggles and journey under a new heading – health and happiness. Continue reading “Health & Happiness”

Top Ten… Happy Songs

I’ve spoken about how I’m now living life medication free(apart from thyroid medication) and so I’m trying to find simple ways to stay happy and keep my depression at bay.

Music has been a huge part of my life for, well; my whole life and the hubs always says I can remember so much just by hearing the opening bars of a certain song. Continue reading “Top Ten… Happy Songs”

When you stray off plan 

This post is coming to you live from my stupid binge-eater-depression head.

The problem with being depressed, binge eating and being overweight is that I have to lose weight and try and overcome my demons at the same time… and most of the time I find it easy to stick to plan(Slimming World) and I can keep myself on an even keel. Continue reading “When you stray off plan “

An update on me & my mental health

I’ve abused my blog and not written an update in a little while so I figured I’d bash some thoughts and feelings out today.

I’ve been on Duloxetine for a while now; quite how long I don’t know as I’m having horrendous memory problems. Continue reading “An update on me & my mental health”