I’m a mess, to be honest – A Big D Update

Wednesday 17th May 2017

I wrote last week about how depression is like a nasty friend that won’t leave you alone, called Big D.

I’ve tried to be as open and honest about my depression and how I’m feeling and of late I’ve not really written about it for a few reasons.

I’ve been having major wobbles about the direction my blog is going; and whether or not to keep the mental health part and just focus on parenting and lifestyle.  Or whether to just quit for good, to be honest. Continue reading “I’m a mess, to be honest – A Big D Update”

Anything for a quick buck – how do you sleep at night?

I’m so disgusted this afternoon.

For some reason I’m subscribed to some sort of health and fitness thing and every once in a while I receive emails about various different things.

This morning an email arrived that talked about struggles with overeating and binge eating – as this is a huge issue for me at the moment I decided to click the link and have a look.

If you popped your email address in you would received a few videos via email that talked about binge eating and how to overcome it; I watched the videos, nothing that I didn’t know already, and didn’t really think anything of it.

Lunch time I received an email: Continue reading “Anything for a quick buck – how do you sleep at night?”

Planks not Prosecco… Nutrition Nightmares

This is coming straight out of my brain onto to paper(well, keyboard) so I apologise if it makes no sense, if you have read some of my posts already you will know that I write straight from my head and heart and it’s a mess in there.  I’m also going to talk a little about binge eating so I should probably say if you are reading this and this a possible trigger for you, be warned.

I’ve just got back from the gym and it felt really good today; I was sweating like a bitch and I loved every single minute.

I already feel a teeny bit stronger and I’m finding this time around I’m loving the weights and strength training.  I used to be a complete cardio whore and although I still enjoy it, I get such a buzz out of lifting weights and feeling different muscles working. Continue reading “Planks not Prosecco… Nutrition Nightmares”

Planks not Prosecco – End of Week 1

So I’ve just done my first full week as a gym-goer and I’ve posted daily updates on Instagram but not written much here so I wanted to do a little update.

I had a programme set last Wednesday(a week ago) and the instructor was great – I explained my Fibromyalgia and suspected back issues and he worked out a plan to get me fit but not kill me. Continue reading “Planks not Prosecco – End of Week 1”