Review: Wicked Uncle

We have reached a point now where the boy has friends(bless him) and so we find ourselves invited to birthday parties – and so most Friday nights I find myself on a last-minute dash to a local superstore to find a suitable gift, the disorganised nightmare that I am.

I say I’m disorganised – I hate being late, unprepared and not organised; so I’m always looking for ways to try and make life that little bit easier. Continue reading “Review: Wicked Uncle”

Potty training: tips, tricks & advice

Off the back of our recent potty training success I wanted to dedicate a post to potty training and ways to make it as stress-free and easy as possible.

Every child is different, I’ve mentioned this before and I bang on about it regularly, I also am a huge believer in maternal instinct and how no one knows your child like you do, especially when it comes to learning and doing knew things. Continue reading “Potty training: tips, tricks & advice”

I’m not good at resting. Or listening.

Rest. I’d forgotten the meaning of the word to be honest.

My AS diagnosis before Christmas has massively changed my mindset – I should be looking after myself, taking it easy and working within my limits.  Unfortunately this isn’t the change I mean – I’ve turned into a chronic illness rebel. Continue reading “I’m not good at resting. Or listening.”

The day a plastic clock changed my life

You know those parents that gloat that their children have slept through the night since three days old?  Or the smug ones who implemented a routine very early on and tell you how their children sleep all night.

I was a mix of those things for a while; although the boy would wake and grizzle for a minute or two which would wake me up we’ve been pretty lucky in the sleep department. Continue reading “The day a plastic clock changed my life”