Review: VonShef 4 in 1 Blender

With my recent health kick and the death of the blender that attaches to my food mixer I’ve been struggling when it comes to blitzing stuff. Cauliflower rice, for example doesn’t work with a stick blender.  Me, the dog and the whole kitchen ended up covered in smelly cauli-snow.  Yuk.

The day a plastic clock changed my life

You know those parents that gloat that their children have slept through the night since three days old?  Or the smug ones who implemented a routine very early on and tell you how their children sleep all night. I was a mix of those things for a while; although the boy would wake and grizzle […]

Review: Adventure Avenue – Burgess Hill

We were super excited to be invited to check out Adventure Avenue in Burgess Hill along with the very lovely Mummy in a Tutu and Whinge Whinge Wine and of course our little ones ahead of the grand opening.

CaseApp – win a personalised phone or tablet case!

I’m terrible with phones and tablets – the amount of times I lose them down the back of the sofa, the car or my handbag is unreal so I love finding lovely cases that protect my devices. I came across CaseApp one day while looking for Christmas presents and was super excited to be able […]

Under an Amber Sky by Rose Alexander – Book Review

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a self confessed bookworm; I always tend to have several books on the go and I love reading – I can get through a book a day if time permits me to(which it doesn’t as a busy working mum). I came across Rose Alexander on Twitter on day and was […]