The Scales – an unhealthy addiction?

A year ago I binned my scales in a sort of dieting rebellion and decided that I didn’t need to obsess over the numbers on the sad step. 2017 was to be the year I broke the habit of a lifetime – I wanted to do a whole year of not weighing myself, and break […]

Calorie counting & going back to basics – my weight loss journey

I’ve not written about my weight loss for a while, for a few reasons: I’ve not lost any weight I’ve lost all willpower I’ve fallen back into the faddy diets cycle again. As I wrote back in September I joined Slimming World and lost a stone, and was chuffed to pieces as it came off […]

Week 14 – Slimming World & weight loss update

I’m so rubbish at these weekly updates – but it’s been an awesome week after a few up and down ones where I’ve struggled to get my head back into the game. So I decided last week to really try and stay on plan and do the best I could – I also took advice […]

Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 11

I’m totally not feeling things at the moment – I’m struggling to stay within my syns and my appetite is changing, not sure whether that’s a side effect from being back on the mini-pill or just the fact that this is now the longest I’ve been on any form of healthy eating plan and I’m […]

A BMI milestone

Ten months ago I spoke about how I was completely fat-shamed by a doctor over my BMI and I’ve been a little downhearted ever since. Well, more soul destroyed, to be honest.

Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 10

I didn’t post an update last week for a couple of reasons; I had an epic 3½lb loss which took me to my one stone award and a total loss of 1st ½lbs.

Club 10 – so near yet so far

For the non Slimming Worlder that may be reading this, various achievements are celebrated on your weight loss journey and although my 1 stone award is really close I’m desperate to achieve my Club 10 by Christmas.

Weigh in Wednesday: Week 7

I’m late yet again but here is my update on my Fat Club AKA Slimming World journey. It’s been a totally shit few weeks – I’ve had a cold, kidney infection and now oral surgery.

How much weight can you gain in a day?

Do you ever find yourself googling ridiculous things? I found myself asking stupid questions all the time and it’s addictive – I’m also guilty of going through pages and pages of search results to find an answer that I’m happy with.  Hmm.