Cosy nights in on a budget

With the recent cold weather the days have been long and the nights even longer; and with my anxiety a little on the rotten side at present I’ve been putting some extra effort into the little things that make me happy.

Dog tales: the dog is ill, again

As a parent weekends don’t really exist, lets be honest – but I love the feeling of a Saturday morning, when you can watch cookery shows and cartoons until lunchtime, stay in your pyjamas a little bit longer and chill out. Today was no different.  The hubs is working, so it’s just me, the mancub […]

A night out on my own – anxiety & the cinema

My anxiety has been awful this week – I’m blaming hormones as there isn’t really any other reason for crying all the time and being so anxious over everything.  I feel totally out of sorts – and I just want to feel a bit more, well, normal again. I’ve tried so hard to keep my […]

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome(PMS): my period makes me crazy

It’s Thursday lunchtime, the boy is at preschool and the dog is going batshit crazy over a cat in the garden. I’m sat at my desk(the kitchen table) eating crudites(posh name for carrot sticks innit) and hummus(middle class wannabe) and enjoying the quiet.

Tenerife - Canary Islands, Spain, Spanish Holidays, Mount Teide, Siam Park, Loro Parque

My favourite holiday – Tenerife

Maybe once a week I find myself looking out the window and dreaming of sunny skies and holidays.  I haven’t been abroad since we had the mancub three years ago and I really want to book a holiday abroad. Sometimes I find myself looking through social media and looking at the pre-child holidays, every summer […]

Potty training: tips, tricks & advice

Off the back of our recent potty training success I wanted to dedicate a post to potty training and ways to make it as stress-free and easy as possible. Every child is different, I’ve mentioned this before and I bang on about it regularly, I also am a huge believer in maternal instinct and how […]

Why does my toddler lie?

The boy is somewhere around 3 years and 3 months old and it seems we’ve reached another of those annoying but apparently necessary toddler stages this week.

Going Potty: He did it!

Last week a momentous event happened. At 3 years and 2 months old the little man told me one morning before preschool that he was a big boy and wanted to wear pants.

I’m not good at resting. Or listening.

Rest. I’d forgotten the meaning of the word to be honest. My AS diagnosis before Christmas has massively changed my mindset – I should be looking after myself, taking it easy and working within my limits.  Unfortunately this isn’t the change I mean – I’ve turned into a chronic illness rebel.