Raynaud’s – a phenomenon apparently?

I have an appointment with a rheumatologist next week to hopefully and finally get a diagnosis for my mystery illness – it was looking likely to be Fibromyalgia and it still looks like whatever it is manifests as Fibro but I was officially diagnosed with Hypermobility Syndrome and it looks like it’s a faulty gene that caused it.  Ehlers-Danlos has been mentioned, which is scary as it can affect the heart but it’s a waiting game now to find out what it is.  More on that when I know more.

My underactive thyroid is a result of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis which is all linked in and at the moment I seem to be suffering a symptom I’ve had for years and only appears when I get stressed.

I got really stressed on Monday, to the point I cried and my chest was a bit achey, not good.

Ever since my hands have gone white, and are freezing cold.  I cannot warm them up.  My whole body is cold but my hands are like ice.  This is known as Raynaud’s phenomenon and is apparently common with Hashimoto’s.

It’s making it really hard to type or use my hands at all and I can’t put my hands in water no matter te temperature as it hurts.  It’s like when you touch freezing cold snow.  Stupid thing to say – as opposed to hot snow, durrr.



Stress seems to be a huge trigger for many things for me, is this something you have come across?

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