Day 11: A happy picture

This was difficult to choose just one so I cheated a little and I’ve chosen three happy pictures.

Day 10: Nicknames

Some of these are really embarrassing; I have accumulated lots of nicknames over the years and some have dropped off(thank god).

Day 8: If I won the lottery

Don’t we all wish we could win the lottery – even £30 would be nice. But what if you won millions of pounds, what would you do?

Day 7: 5 Favourite Meals

Food… one of my favourite things to talk about. I love food. Food is my life.  Hence why I have a huge weight problem, meh. So picking my five favourite meals was tough.  To make it more exciting I’ll count down, that’s what happens on Masterchef and Bake Off anyways.

Day 6: Phobias & Fears

So I guess firstly phobias and fears are the same thing, not sure why I wrote both of them as the title but we will just go with it, it sounds good 🙂 I feel a list is best for this one – be warned some of these are weird…

Day 4: Piercings & Tattoos

Today’s post got me a little excited; I do love piercings and tattoos. If I had my way I’d be covered; well from the neck down anyway.

Day 3: Guilty Pleasures

I always think the term ‘guilty pleasures’ sounds naughty, I’m not sure why, must be my filthbag mind.

Day 2: Earliest childhood memory

My long term memory has always been really clear and I can recall a number of really early memories from the age of two and three.