A night out on my own – anxiety & the cinema

My anxiety has been awful this week – I’m blaming hormones as there isn’t really any other reason for crying all the time and being so anxious over everything.  I feel totally out of sorts – and I just want to feel a bit more, well, normal again. I’ve tried so hard to keep my […]

A harmless conversation outside preschool

I dropped the boy at preschool this morning and did my usual anxious thing of standing as far as possible from the other parents and trying to avoid eye contact with anyone at all.  It’s a huge trigger for me, and I’m really trying to deal with it.

A mixed-bag of a day

Yesterday was one of those crazy days; I felt like I didn’t stop all day and I felt every emotion going. My anxiety is through the roof at the moment – I’m exhausted trying to rein it in and keep myself going, and yesterday was like living on the edge.

My mental health – I’ve reached a crossroads

I’ve posted loads over the last however many months about my mental health; I apologise as some of it is a little mashed up but that’s just the way mental illness is. My GP has been treating me for depression for years and now I have been referred to a secondary service(again) I’ve received a […]

I love you, even when it rains

I’ve never written my birth story.  A few people have told me it’s strange that I haven’t when I have written so openly and honestly about everything else. I’ve tried so many times; and I end up so traumatised and upset that I can’t continue.

World Mental Health Day 2017 – we are all in this together 

I’ve read some amazing and brave stories today, and I wish I could share them all, I’ve been so inspired by others. I talk openly about my depression and anxiety and always will; it is a part of me and if I can help one person to seek help or feel better, then I will […]

Mental Health Parentals – a new community

I’ve had the idea for Mental Health Parentals in the pipeline for as long as my blog has been live as it is something I’ve craved for and I truly believe could be helpful. There are tonnes of online forums, groups on Facebook and so on across the internet and social media where you can […]

Being bad ass: will I love my child?

An email popped up yesterday. “Your toddler at 32 months” – I’ll be honest, I count in years and have no idea in months. Three year ago I was 24 weeks pregnant; I was depressed, scared, anxious, and a mess.