A slight case of the wobbles but otherwise… I’m sweet

I am now three weeks clear of the happy pills and I’m feeling pretty good for the most part. My motivation and true emotions seem to be coming back which is both good and bad as I cry at everything. EVERYTHING. I feel like the true ‘me’ is coming back and although I’m still healing […]

A complete change in “diet”

Note I use the term “diet” loosely – I’m a huge believer in finding something that is a change for life and not just a quick faddy thing. As mentioned before I have been on and off the Slimming World wagon more times than I care to remember and as much as I love it […]

Self-Love Sunday: Getting back on it

Hello.  My name is Lisa.  I’m a food and Prosecco addict. I’m also ridiculously overweight and living a highly unhealthy lifestyle. And I am going to change.