Boogie Monsters – a live gig for the whole family

Pre-baby I loved to go out-out most weekends and dance the night away or catch live bands; as we all know life changes completely post-baby and now me and the hubs are lucky if we catch five minutes to dance in the kitchen let alone go out-out. On a particularly terrible two/tantrum related stressful day […]

Our Easter 2017

As a rule I love Sundays; they are a proper family day and an opportunity to do whatever we want. Or sleep of a hangover, which is hell with a toddler I might add.

Days Out with a Toddler: Hastings

Last Saturday we went on a spontaneous trip to the seaside.¬† Both boys(hubbo and son) were not feeling great;¬†plus we were all getting on each others tits by 10am, so off we went. We went to Hastings in East Sussex which is about an hour from home by car; it’s a pleasant drive through the […]