Lingotot – languages & fun for tots

A little known fact about me is that I love languages and I studied French and German to a-level in my teens.

During school and sixth form myself and a friend used to share our love of languages, chocolate eclairs (and maybe boys) and she went on to university, living abroad and is now raising her gorgeous children bilingual.

Sara is still a friend and is starting up her own Lingotot business, which I am super excited to be attending and sharing with you.  Especially as I never learnt Spanish and my extent of knowledge is “Dos Cerveza, por favor”.  Hmmmm.

Anyhoo – here is a little bit about Lingotot and Sara…

Hola!  So, for those who don’t know me, or Lingotot Maidstone, I think you deserve a bit of background!

My name is Sara, I am a complete language geek. I have a degree in French and Spanish, and a Masters in Hispanic Studies.

I lived in the north of Spain for several years and am a qualified EFL teacher. My husband is Spanish/Colombian and I have 2 beautiful children and a stepson who we are raising bilingual, we only speak Spanish at home!

I started Lingotot because I am very passionate about language learning, and the earlier the better! I believe it makes our children more open to other cultures and ideas and more logical thinkers not to mention the added the hubsefit of being able to talk to more people! When I tell people I’d like to teach Spanish to babies they sometimes look at me like I am crazy, but small children are like little sponges!

My son is 6 and understands Spanish perfectly, and my daughter can say “mum” as well as “mamá” and “papá”.

I decided on Lingotot because I think children learn best through songs, games and general fun rather than just sitting and repeating!  Muchas gracias y un abrazo!

Sara will be bringing Lingotot to Maidstone and you can view and book classes here; there are also classes being run all over the country and you can find your local class here.

For more information and to contact Sara please check out her Facebook page.

See you there!