Dear Me, pre-motherhood, when my arse didn’t require its own postcode

Dear Me, pre-motherhood, AKA 2013-me.

You may not believe this but in four years time you will be a mum to a little shit boisterous free-spirited two year old mancub you named the mancub.

Crazy right – they’ve just told you that you can’t conceive naturally, that you don’t ovulate. Continue reading “Dear Me, pre-motherhood, when my arse didn’t require its own postcode”

Meeting Other Mums (scarier than your first post-partum poo)

(EDIT – This post refers to the act of meeting other mums, not any websites or blogs with that name – they are totally not scary and should not be compared to poo in any way, shape or form.  Let alone scary post-partum ones)

Once your beautiful new little person has been brought into the world and you have got used to(I use that term loosely) your new life as a mum, you start to get cabin fever and realise that there’s a whole new world to be discovered. Continue reading “Meeting Other Mums (scarier than your first post-partum poo)”

Days Out with a Toddler: Hastings

Last Saturday we went on a spontaneous trip to the seaside.  Both boys(hubbo and son) were not feeling great; plus we were all getting on each others tits by 10am, so off we went.

We went to Hastings in East Sussex which is about an hour from home by car; it’s a pleasant drive through the country and holds many childhood memories for both of us. Continue reading “Days Out with a Toddler: Hastings”