Planks not Prosecco… Nutrition Nightmares

This is coming straight out of my brain onto to paper(well, keyboard) so I apologise if it makes no sense, if you have read some of my posts already you will know that I write straight from my head and heart and it’s a mess in there.  I’m also going to talk a little about binge eating so I should probably say if you are reading this and this a possible trigger for you, be warned.

I’ve just got back from the gym and it felt really good today; I was sweating like a bitch and I loved every single minute.

I already feel a teeny bit stronger and I’m finding this time around I’m loving the weights and strength training.  I used to be a complete cardio whore and although I still enjoy it, I get such a buzz out of lifting weights and feeling different muscles working. Continue reading “Planks not Prosecco… Nutrition Nightmares”

Planks not Prosecco – End of Week 1

So I’ve just done my first full week as a gym-goer and I’ve posted daily updates on Instagram but not written much here so I wanted to do a little update.

I had a programme set last Wednesday(a week ago) and the instructor was great – I explained my Fibromyalgia and suspected back issues and he worked out a plan to get me fit but not kill me. Continue reading “Planks not Prosecco – End of Week 1”