Potty training: tips, tricks & advice

Off the back of our recent potty training success I wanted to dedicate a post to potty training and ways to make it as stress-free and easy as possible.

Every child is different, I’ve mentioned this before and I bang on about it regularly, I also am a huge believer in maternal instinct and how no one knows your child like you do, especially when it comes to learning and doing knew things. Continue reading “Potty training: tips, tricks & advice”

Going Potty: a fresh approach

I’m not one to count months but for the purposes of this post the mancub is currently 31 months old, roughly two and a half and is resisting the potty still.


I currently have a plain white potty which he refuses to use.  Point blank.  Won’t even acknowledge it’s existence. Continue reading “Going Potty: a fresh approach”

Get the number one out of your bumhole RIGHT NOW

I could find no better description for this post, it’s about bumholes.

If you are easily offended or a little prude, don’t read on.  To be honest you probably shouldn’t read any of my posts as I have no filter, but ho hum.

I’m still flogging the dead horse that is potty training my two year old. Continue reading “Get the number one out of your bumhole RIGHT NOW”

Going Potty(guess who deleted the original oops)

(Original Post Date – 9/2/17 – accidentally deleted the original, bad Lisa)

The potty is sending me potty.

The mancub was two in November and all I have heard since he was 18 months old is how I should be potty training him. Continue reading “Going Potty(guess who deleted the original oops)”