Review: VonShef 4 in 1 Blender

With my recent health kick and the death of the blender that attaches to my food mixer I’ve been struggling when it comes to blitzing stuff. Cauliflower rice, for example doesn’t work with a stick blender.  Me, the dog and the whole kitchen ended up covered in smelly cauli-snow.  Yuk.

Review: Despicable Me by Arthur Price

The little man is at the point of eating a full dinner with cutlery and it’s a nightmare. He insists on eating a chopped up sausage with a spoon which, to anyone watching, looks as complicated as eating soup with chopsticks.

Review: Kidloland

When we were approached to try the Kidloland app it seemed like a great idea – I’m not keen on excessive screen time and I’m definitely not keen on the mancub having his own iPad or playing on one but I’ll agree that sometimes it’s a lifesaver. Long car or train journeys, or sometimes even […]

Review: Rocky Rice Bars

One day a couple of weeks ago I was having a look on Twitter and I came across a new follower and had to have a nosy.  All I saw was chocolate and 100 calories and I got a little excited, they looked really nice.