To avocado or not to avocado

Avocados.  They are everywhere these days; and they are touted as a good fat and amazingly good for you. What’s that you say – a good fat, do they even exist?  For years we have been told fat is bad for us, yet we need fat to live and yes, there are good sources of […]

Week 14 – Slimming World & weight loss update

I’m so rubbish at these weekly updates – but it’s been an awesome week after a few up and down ones where I’ve struggled to get my head back into the game. So I decided last week to really try and stay on plan and do the best I could – I also took advice […]

Club 10 – so near yet so far

For the non Slimming Worlder that may be reading this, various achievements are celebrated on your weight loss journey and although my 1 stone award is really close I’m desperate to achieve my Club 10 by Christmas.

Weigh in Wednesday: Week 7

I’m late yet again but here is my update on my Fat Club AKA Slimming World journey. It’s been a totally shit few weeks – I’ve had a cold, kidney infection and now oral surgery.

Why a full-fat cheesecake should be just that

It’s that time of year in the realm of Slimming World where the Christmas countdown begins and that can only mean one thing. Taster week. The though fills me with dread.  I’m expecting a table full of scan-bran cake and jelly sweets made from no-fat yoghurts.

Weigh in Wednesday – Week Four update

I’m very behind – apologies – life has been a little hectic and my brain frazzled so consider this weeks two and three as well as four… Four weeks in and I’m loving Slimming World this time round – I’m enjoying creating and eating beautiful dishes and for me spending an hour or two a […]

Living life as a binge-eater & embracing it

I know what you must be thinking – “embracing binge-eating” – has she lost her fucking mind? I think I’ve talked about my problems with food but I can’t remember -downside to these dodgy anti-depressants is that they can take up to six months to come out of my system fully and while I’m so […]

Back to Fat Club

I’ve been on a slippery slope for a while now and with everything going on depression wise I’ve neglected my body. Big time. I’m not sure why I’m finding things so hard this time – I just can’t seem to find the motivation and willpower and I’m stuck in an awful mindset.

Meal Plan 26th March 2017 & Getting Back On It Part 238,456

Ug.  I’m a little bit shit at this meal planning malarkey. And I’m not doing so well on the healthy living front either. Big fat fail. But, it’s a new week, and must stay positive.  Operation Reduce My Huge Arse must continue.