Me vs. my 2.5 year old – S.O.S.

It’s currently 17:47 and I’m at the end of the never-ending tether. I’ve lost my shit so much I have no shit left to lose. I’m hitting a desperate stage; I don’t know what to do anymore.

The Terrible Twos: When your toddler goes rogue

The little dude is two and a half and his behaviour is becoming more and more challenging. I’m not proud to admit I’ve cried multiple times a day for a while; normally out of sheer frustration when things go wrong. My head isn’t great at the minute and I know that’s not helping; it feels a […]

Today is absolute hell

I don’t need to know that after the terrible twos comes other bad ages.  The Terrible Two’s should be called the Tragic Terrible Twatting Fucking Horrible Two’s.  That would be a better title. Right now it can’t get any worse.  I know damn well it can always get worse but I’m having a little pity […]