10 Things… about me

I was having a bit of a blog stalking session last night; not as dodgy as it sounds, just decided to look at loads of different blogs about various things and get to know people I follow and who follow me a bit better.  I love learning new things and I’ve found some beautifully written and downright amazing writers.  I’ve also read some truly funny posts that have made wee come out.  I’m learning daily that The Bloggerhood is genuinely a lovely thing to be a part of; if it was a place it would be a lovely little town with lots of sunshine and rainbows and neighbours that look out for one another.  The occasional troll might wander in but they are taken out easily, we don’t allow trolls in The Bloggerhood.

While I was having a little blog read sesh(that sounds a little better than stalking) I came across this post from the lovely Me, Annie Bee.  I love this sort of thing and Annie suggested I write one myself as I’m feeling a little bit poorly and hormonal this week.  It’s nice to write something that isn’t me having a self-pity part or a rantathon.

So.  Ten things about me.

1. I’m a fully qualified Dental Nurse

My hands are ruined from carpal tunnel syndrome and I’m awaiting further surgery, plus I’ve not nursed in years due to a stint working in Software Support.  But yes, in May 2005 I passed my exams and became a qualified Dental Nurse.  I can even x-ray you from the neck up.  I shit you not.

Dental Nurse & proud

2. I love old shit and photographing old shit.

I don’t mean that literally as in steaming piles of old shit.  I love history, architecture and old places.  I love to learn the history of places I visit or pass and I’m fascinated by the history of the UK and everything in it.  Me and the hubbo pre-mancub used to always be out at the weekends looking round old places.  Not always places we should have been either, I think the term these days is urban exploration but we used to love going on adventures to old disused and derelict places.  I also love postboxes.  I did a photography project on the British postbox once and it was actually really interesting.  Proper nerd alert.  I even visited a postbox museum.

3. I love cheese.

Cheese cheese cheese.  Get in my belly.  Omnomnom.  And I wonder why I’d so fat.  Not stilton though, cheese that smells like nasty bum-holes is not cool.

4. I once got drunk with 90s boyband 911.

I went to a very lame 90s weekend at a small holiday park about ten years ago.  There was only about 15 people there, and we ended up getting drunk with 911, my teen crush.  Lee Brennan bought me a Corona and did the Cha-cha slide with me.  Good times.

5. I have a Chaka Demus & Pliers tattoo.

I have a large butterfly and vine thing on my back, with the quote “just floating like a butterfly”, because its a quote I quite like.  I discovered shortly after its actually from a Chaka Demus & Pliers song.  So now when people see it and say “Whoa, cool tattoo – Muhammed Ali?” I say no, Chaka Demus & Pliers.  Too cool for school.

6. I am missing half an eyebrow.

I had an unfortunate incident in the 1980s where I fell out of my parents bed and cut my head open on a formica teasmaid.  Yep, true 80s child, I know.  Unfortunately it left me with a huge scar through my eyebrow and it grew wonky.  And then my chemical menopause has for some reason made my eyebrow hair fall out and now I only half half of one.  Weird.

Standard 80s Teasmaid

7. I had a baby, got married and turned 30 in the space of 6 months.

I wouldn’t recommend it, stressful.  So its a long story but the crux of it is, we were told I was infertile and would need IVF.  Christmas 2013 we got engaged.  March 2014 I was pregnant. March 2015 I turned 30.  May 2015 we got married.  That was a busy time.

30th May 2015 – Hubbo & Wifeo

8. I love motorsport.

My dad took me to a Motorcycle News Pound Day at Brands Hatch when I was about seven or eight and I loved it.  I loved the cars, bikes, the speed and the noise.  I used to go most weekends with my dad before I met the hubbo and I went back last year for the first time since having the small one.  Its one of my favourite places to go and me and my dad have proper dad & daughter time when we go.  Gives me a warm nice fuzzy feeling thinking about it.

9. I am ridiculously clumsy.

I’m so clumsy its stupid, I’m forever falling over and hurting myself.  In my yoof I used to be a nightmare after a drink especially.  I’ve fallen off a bridge, knocked a baby tooth out and fallen down a drain, and so much more.  I’m a liability.

10. I have an old soul.

I love all things vintage and I wish I had been born early enough to live through the 1940s and 1950s.  I’m obsessed with vintage hair and make up, I want to bring rag rolls and pin curls back.  I love tea dresses and how women looked back then.  Women were curvy, modestly dressed and beautiful.  They were so kick arse and sexy, but discreetly.  My nan was a cook in the WRAF and she used to tell me so many stories about the wartime.  She said it was the best time of her life, and her wise words were the best. She told me you could be wearing a sack covered in shit but put a bit of lippy on and comb your hair and you can conquer the world.  Inspirational lady.

I really enjoyed writing this, I eagerly await a mass unfollow due to my weird interests…


5 thoughts on “10 Things… about me

  1. I love posts that tell me all about people! (which I guess is another way of saying I’m nosy!) I shudder at the very thought of going to the dentist so I don’t think I’ll be following in your footsteps very soon! #blogcrush

  2. I love this! I love old shit too! I would love to do urban exploring in disused buildings but I’d probably pee myself with the tension or see a spider or something ?

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