Happy New Year

I shall be celebrating by trying not to fall asleep before midnight, sneezing so hard I think my womb fell out, and eating the last of the festive bad shit. Oh, and getting a massive wide on.   Why? Tom...Read More

Quotes – Carrie Fisher

I'll admit I didn't know much about Carrie Fisher, but I've been reading some incredible quotes and been inspired to buy a couple of her books, I'll admit I have fallen for her way with words and taken great motivation...Read More

Making Memories

I hate that awkward limbo between Christmas and New Year, I'm currently sat in jeans that are way too tight due to too much cheese and merriment, and feeling like a huge fatty bom-bom. Huff. I haven't even drunk that...Read More

New Years resolutions & a happier me

I never really take New Years resolutions seriously, always full of promises and not a lot of willpower, and usually I last about two days.  If that. 2016 has been the usual bullshit for me, how I was going to...Read More

Merry Christmas!

Merry bloody Christmas all! I'm currently laying in bed after barely two hours sleep last night and a giant Christmas dinner has just sent me over the edge, I may be comatose for a while. We have all been thoroughly...Read More

Christmas Eve-Eve…

What a day! This was me at 5.45am: Yep, outside Tesco waiting to do my Christmas food shop.  It was quite busy and I had had an awful nights aleep, I couldn't see let alone function. I was home and...Read More

Driving home for Christmas

Work is done for Christmas, woo! The week before Christmas always frazzles my brain, so much to remember and do, and I've stupidly decided to do my Christmas shop tomorrow at 6am(ouch). I can't handle my own child when food...Read More

Morning snuggles

I'm so tired it's ridiculous. Toddler kept waking, hubbo kept snoring, I am running on coffee and festive cheer. Hmm. Just coffee then. Day off today, I stayed up stupid late wrapping presents, and writing lists to make myself feel...Read More

Random acts of kindness

Monday's and Tuesday's are brat free, I work two days a week on Reception in a dental surgery, I've been in dentistry for fifteen or so years now, in various different jobs, and I quite enjoy it, it's nice to...Read More

Diary of a menopausal bitch aged 31

Yep, very young for the menopause, I hear you. My lady parts were shot to shit before I had the little monster two years ago, I mean my tummy lady parts and not the foo region.  Yes, I call it...Read More

Easy like a Sunday morning

I love Sunday's.  It's always been my favourite day of the week, lazy mornings, roast dinners, walks, films, naps(any excuse for a sleep), Hubbo is always off too so it's all good.  Today, I feel like shit, I think I...Read More

Tramadol dreams & the unlocked stairgate 

I ached like a BITCH last night, there wasn't much of me that didn't hurt, we had watched the first two episodes of 'Fortitude' and my head was already a little scrambled(polar bears and murders before bed is never a...Read More

Losing my shit

I used to laugh when people mentioned the terrible twos.  I used to smile and think how these beautiful little treasures can be anything but delightful. Now I laugh, like a mad woman.  If anyone says 'it's a phase' 'oh...Read More

The Reve..yawn

Hubby loves films, our tastes differ hugely, he will watch anything and loves anything fantasy, hobbity, historical, or mildly pornographic.  Even better, all combined(think Game of Thrones). Me on the other hand love musicals, romantic films, disaster movies, gangster movies,...Read More

Merry Blogmas!

So here I am. Again. I've had quite a few attempts at blogging, and failed each time.  Problem is, every time I have tried to write about food, or motherhood, or running, and other stuff my heart isn't really in....Read More