Back to Fat Club

I've been on a slippery slope for a while now and with everything going on depression wise I've neglected my body. Big time. I'm not sure why I'm finding things so hard this time - I just can't seem to...Read More

A dark cloud named Depression

Today is a down day. I cried twice in the night for no reason other than I just felt numb. I don't really feel anything apart from sadness and anxiety at the moment. I felt bad when I woke up....Read More


I'm a sucker for Instagram shopping and I love to discover new and exciting things to try - much to the dismay of my bank balance. I came across Motivacelet a little while back and love the idea- bracelets to...Read More

Panic at the playpark

I'm writing this from my sofa, and it may not read well but I wanted to give a true account of a panic attack. This morning I took to dog and the child out for a walk and although I...Read More
Puppy Class

Puppy Class

So last week was the first puppy training class and I was shitting a brick. Good old depression and anxiety makes me dread any form of social situation these days and it took a lot to get myself out the door....Read More

An update on me & my mental health

I've abused my blog and not written an update in a little while so I figured I'd bash some thoughts and feelings out today. I've been on Duloxetine for a while now; quite how long I don't know as I'm...Read More

Review: Despicable Me by Arthur Price

The little man is at the point of eating a full dinner with cutlery and it's a nightmare. He insists on eating a chopped up sausage with a spoon which, to anyone watching, looks as complicated as eating soup with...Read More
Puppy problems & using Bidvine

Puppy problems & using Bidvine

As mentioned in previous blog posts we are now the stressed harassed proud owners of a six month old puppy and it seems she needs a little more training that we had first thought. She knows that any toileting needs...Read More
I spoil my child

I spoil my child

This week I bumped into a mum I have chatted to on a few occasions at our local soft play. For writing purposes, I will call her Two Sheds. (more…)