Getting organised

I love being organised - I've always got a notebook or organiser nearby and I'm always scribbling down things I need to remember.  I've never quite regained the memory I had before having a baby four years ago. I'm blaming baby brain(he'll be thirty and I'll still say the same). (more…)

Walking: slow & steady wins the race

Walking - we all do it every day, whether it's up the stairs, to the bus stop or around the park. These days health and especially fitness seems to be all about running, going to the gym and all sorts of things.  But what happened to plain old-fashioned walking? (more…)
Review: Petite Prosecco

Review: Petite Prosecco

I think it goes without saying that I like Prosecco - I've always been more of a sparkling wine/bubbles type of girl and no Friday(or Saturday) night is complete without a glass of something. Unfortunately for me, alcohol has and always will cause me to gain weight; over the years I've always struggled to find a balance where I can....{Click Here to Read More!}

Finding the perfect mattress

Mattresses are one of those boring things that need replacing every few years(experts recommend replacing them every 5-10 years); mattress shopping can be boring and there are so many different types to choose from. Our mattress has had a hard life - it still has an imprint from my fat, pregnant bottom and it has been covered in baby sick,....{Click Here to Read More!}