Basic Invite – cards, invites & much more

It's my Dad's birthday next week and I needed to find a card; he's been really poorly and I wanted to find something a little more personal.  And funny, of course. These days greetings cards are often overlooked - electronic...Read More

Tears, TNF and no more tots

A lot has happened over the last few weeks; and I guess it's taken a while to feel comfortable enough to write about it all - or rather I've just taken to bottling everything up again. (more…)

Getting organised

I love being organised - I've always got a notebook or organiser nearby and I'm always scribbling down things I need to remember.  I've never quite regained the memory I had before having a baby four years ago. I'm blaming...Read More

Walking: slow & steady wins the race

Walking - we all do it every day, whether it's up the stairs, to the bus stop or around the park. These days health and especially fitness seems to be all about running, going to the gym and all sorts...Read More

Review: The Sapphire Widow by Dinah Jefferies

I'm a huge fan of fiction; especially war fiction and stories set in the twenties and thirties throughout the British Empire as it once was.   The Sapphire Widow by Dinah Jefferies ticks all of those boxes and more. (more…)
Delilah & the wandering panty-liner

Delilah & the wandering panty-liner

If there was an award for the most random blog title, that would be it right? On Friday I went out, out-out, on the sauce and necking Prosecco like a boss.  I'd just survived a day in London and despite the...Read More
Review: Petite Prosecco

Review: Petite Prosecco

I think it goes without saying that I like Prosecco - I've always been more of a sparkling wine/bubbles type of girl and no Friday(or Saturday) night is complete without a glass of something. Unfortunately for me, alcohol has and...Read More
Review: Wicked Uncle

Review: Wicked Uncle

We have reached a point now where the boy has friends(bless him) and so we find ourselves invited to birthday parties - and so most Friday nights I find myself on a last-minute dash to a local superstore to find...Read More

Finding the perfect mattress

Mattresses are one of those boring things that need replacing every few years(experts recommend replacing them every 5-10 years); mattress shopping can be boring and there are so many different types to choose from. Our mattress has had a hard...Read More

3 hair loss treatments you need to know about

From rubbing onion juice on their scalps to standing on their head, people go to extreme lengths to try to make their hair grow. Unfortunately, following urban myths like these is unlikely to give you fuller locks. (more…)
Books, glorious books

Books, glorious books

I can remember being maybe 6 or 7 and my teacher talking to my mum about how I was struggling to read and how I was behind all the other children.  I don't remember feeling particularly bothered about it but...Read More

Bag, bags, bags – I love bags

I can remember my first handbag - it was made in a leather shop in Cyprus and was a little leather satchel with embroidery on the side. (more…)

I don’t want to adult today

You know those days where you just don't feel right, mentally speaking?  That's me today - I don't know what is wrong but I don't feel right at all. (more…)

I’m still alive…

I've been really quiet - life has been super manic and blogging has taken a bit of a back seat. Which makes me really sad - as it's my outlet and I miss it when I'm not fully 'in it'....Read More

Freshen up your office space

The office.  When you think of an office it's usually a grey space with a small desk and a computer, and not much else. I worked in an office for nine years and often found myself staring into space -...Read More