3 Simple Ways To Get A Cosy Home This Autumn


Autumn is well and truly upon us, the nights – and mornings – are much darker and getting frosty, the temperature is dropping and Bonfire Night is just around the corner. If you’re still coming down from a beautiful summer holiday, it can be a hard adjustment to make. The remedy? Making your home super cosy and embracing this unique season. Creating a warm, stylish hideaway to ride out those blustery nights doesn’t have to cost a fortune either – there are plenty of simple additions you can make to your home that are greatly on trend.

Go Super Sized

Oversized knits have dominated the fashion and interiors scene for the past couple of years, and they’re still the best thing – they look great and create that cosy feel in a flash. There’s nothing better than snuggling up under a warm, oversized knit blanket with a cup of hot chocolate and your favourite series queued up on Netflix. A blanket or throw can add extra colour and texture to your room to liven it up, as well as giving you somewhere to nest down when it’s stormy outside.

Scent For Success

You may have ticked off all the other sensory boxes, but have you thought about home fragrance? Studies show that scent can influence our emotions like nothing else, as it connects directly to the parts of the brain responsible for memories and feelings. Add some autumnal home scents around and you may find that it’s a quick route to getting your house to feel more like a home. Try spicy scents, sweet gourmands like vanilla and caramel or even deeper scents of leather and tobacco notes to create that warm atmosphere.  You could also try frankincense and amber scents which add richness. There are lots of ways you can choose to add scent into your space. You could try scented oils, dabbed on light bulbs and radiators or diluted into an oil burner. Other popular options are wax melts and scented candles, but make sure that these are made from pure beeswax or soy to avoid any harmful chemicals called VOCs polluting your atmosphere.

Let There Be Light

Great lighting is often underestimated, but it can have a transformative effect on your space. Just adding a few standing lamps rather than using the overhead lights can create a beautiful soft glow that will make the room feel much more cosy and intimate – especially when combined with candle light. If you want a bigger change, consider the light fittings in your space. Having a dimmer switch fitted can allow you to vary the lighting levels so that you have bright light for tasks, but can switch to something more relaxing later on in the evening. And the type of light you choose is also important – a dramatic cluster of pendant lights can cast an inviting glow and make a statement in your space, while LED lights can define a space or highlight an interesting architectural feature and add drama and warmth.With just a few small touches, your home hideaway and be feeling perfect for the colder months ahead.


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