3 Tips for Staying a Little Warmer this Winter

Winter is in full swing at the moment and the chill is definitely on. The planet is supposed to be warming but it is definitely freezing for most of us and with soaring utility bills and some people suffering lost income, many might find it difficult to actually stay warmer this winter.

While heating the home is important it isn’t the be-all and end-all of staying warm. There are other things you can do which can help you lower the bills since you might not need the heating on as much as usual. 

To stay warm you can do the following: 

  • Seal the gaps
  • Layer up
  • Have a brew

Draughts and breezes can have a dramatic effect on the warmth of a home while using layers effectively will help keep the chill away and a hot cuppa can raise your core temperature.

Rubber to the Rescue

Gaps are found in a lot of places in most homes and can cause the dreaded draught. A draughty home can cause heat loss of around 20%, that’s money right out of your pocket as you already cough up so much paying for heating in the first place.

One of the best things you can do to stop draughts is to seal any gaps around the home with a Rubber Strip. Most draughts can be found under doors, on window frames and in between cracks on walls and around door frames but especially on areas with direct outside access such as hallways.

There’s and Order to It

It isn’t always necessary to turn the heat to 11 and sometimes the simplest method can really help. Using blankets is a tried and tested method of keeping warm during the winter but you need to do it properly. Grabbing the duvet from the bedroom might work but won’t be as effective as layering up. 

The best method for staying warm with blankets is to layer your clothing using an undershirt and a jumper/sweatshirt and then layering blankets of various thickness over yourself. You should begin with softer and lighter blankets such as knitted wool at the bottom and work towards the top with heavier ones such as duvets. This will effectively trap the warm air inside and keep you very warm, sometimes to the point where you can turn the heating right down.

Warm Your Cockles

The great British pastime of drinking tea (or coffee) is one of the best ways of keeping warm as a hot liquid, or food for that matter will raise the core temperature of your body as it is absorbed into your system, much like a cold drink keeps you cool in the summer. Not only will a hot drink warm you inside, but if you are particularly cold then you could hold it in your hands to warm them up or near your face and let the steam do its work.

Alternatively, you could put on a hot soup such as tomato with a ham and cheese toastie while you watch the rain and wind through the window. That’s a lovely Saturday afternoon.


*This is a collaborative post*


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