4 mistakes to iron out of your kids party planning

It’s a day which your son or daughter is likely to lose sleep over; in other words, excitement will get the better of them.

Unfortunately for you, as the parent, stress is probably the best way to describe your feelings.

In short, kids’ parties are difficult to say the least to plan. Keeping little people happy can be easier said than done, and there are a whole host of considerations to think about. The fact that these events have become so competitive over the years has of course only added to the problem.

Well, there are also some classic mistakes. Through today’s article we will take a look at four of these, to highlight key points to stay focused on.

Mistake #1 – The food is too mundane

Believe it or not, this is a common mistake in the modern-day world. Sure, there may have been such a thing as classic party food back when we were young, but now menus tend to be a little more adventurous.

The definition of adventurous will of course vary depending between people. For some, it might be purchasing huge Haribo tubs, while others might try more “gourmet” food (incredibly, it does happen for kids’ parties nowadays). Let’s not also forget that parents are becoming a lot more health conscious nowadays, meaning that there’s nothing wrong in placing healthy snacks around for little ones to munch on.

Mistake #2 – There are no other adults

Hopefully, this is something that isn’t going to apply to you, but it’s a good thing to note as an FYI.

In short, there have been some cases of kids’ parties happening and minimal adults being in sight. That’s right, while you and close family might be around for the benefit of your little one, there can be occasions where all other parents go missing.

Suffice to say, this is where things start to get complicated. Make sure adults are on the invitation as well, so you don’t end up in such a predicament.

Mistake #3 – You don’t plan activities

If you’re taking the plunge and hosting a kid’s party, at least make sure you have a list of activities up your sleeve. If you’ve pushed the boat out, you may have hired a venue that does this for you. However, if you are taking the DIY approach, keep in mind that kids get restless and you probably need more than a few backup plans up your sleeve to make the day a success.

Mistake #4 – Getting the guest numbers right

As we all know, when it comes to social occasions the guest lists can become a little political. Unfortunately, this starts from a young age.

When the kids first start school, a common tactic is to invite the whole class which makes things easy. Beyond that, and tough decisions have to be made. You of course want plenty of your little one’s friends to be there, but there are logistical issues if you invite too many and you need to work out if your venue of choice can cope with this, as well as thinking from a budgetary point of view.


**This is a collaborative post**

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