4 Principles Of Vintage Home Decor

Modern interior design trends are usually focused on minimalism and functionality which is great for some people, but it often lacks character. That’s why vintage design has made a big comeback in recent years. More and more people are starting to look backwards for inspiration when they’re decorating their homes and the results are great. But a lot of people get it wrong because they think that buying a load of old second-hand furniture and putting it in the home is enough, but it isn’t. There’s a little more to it than that. If you’re inspired by vintage decor and you want to introduce it to your own home, here are some great tips to help you get it right.

Don’t Forget Functionality

Vintage home decor doesn’t have the same focus on functionality that modern decor tends to have and that’s fine in most rooms, but you shouldn’t write it off completely. For example, if you’re designing a home office, your first priority should be creating a good workspace and the decor should come second. The same goes in the kitchen as well. That doesn’t mean you can’t use vintage decor at all in those rooms but you should think of all of the practical stuff first like the layout of the room and any appliances that you need in there, then add your vintage decor on top of that.

Buy The Real Thing When It Comes To Furniture

There are loads of imitation vintage pieces out there in furniture stores which look pretty close to the real thing, but they don’t have the same charm. A lot of them won’t be built as well either so it’s best to go for the real thing. There are some great sites like Eames.com that specialize in selling real vintage furniture. You can also pick up some good stuff from antique stores, just be careful of what you’re buying. A lot of this older stuff might be damaged which isn’t a problem if it’s just a few scratches that can be sanded out, but if there is serious damage to the furniture, it’s going to be unusable. Always check it over properly before you buy anything.

Mix Colours

When you’re using vintage furniture and ornaments around the home, they’re going to make a big statement. They’re usually very colourful and have heavy patterns on them which are great, but you need to make sure that you don’t go overboard. If there’s too much going on at once, the decor will just look cluttered and messy. That’s why it’s important that you offset the vintage pieces with some neutral colour on the walls.

Learn To Spot Junk

You can get inventive with vintage decor and use things like old wooden crates as storage or a coffee can for putting flowers in, but you’ve got to know where to draw the line. Just because it’s old, that doesn’t mean it’s going to look good. Learning how to tell the difference between something good and something that’s just a piece of junk. There are no hard and fast rules here so you’ll just have to experiment a bit.

These are the basic principles behind vintage home decor. If you stick to these rules, you can make it work in your home.

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