4 Reasons Not To Book A Holiday Early

Be prepared, they say. It’s the best way, they say. Well, the Coronavirus pandemic has put paid to that advice! Book an early holiday and anything could change by the time you get to the airport and try and board your flight. 

“Sorry, Mr. and Mrs. X, but it’s cancelled.” Awesome.


Of course, scheduling a holiday too far in advance isn’t a smart move, whether during a health crisis or after it’s finished. It’s tempting to assume it’s the right move – conventional wisdom says so – yet here are four reasons it’s a bad option.


The Clashes


In the excitement of the booking, you forget that you’re pushing it very close concerning the timing. Take the thousands of families who have recently returned from Europe a few days before starting the new school term. It’s easy to make a judgement call months prior to the big day because A) nothing ever seems too important, and B) you want to go on holiday. However, when you’re running around supermarkets trying to find pencil cases, uniforms, and shoes that fit, a day after spending a fortune in Spain, you realise it’s a mistake. With a medium to late booking, your perspective is clearer.


The Payment


Another factor to consider is your bank balance. Again, a holiday can appear affordable when you don’t have to clear the balance for another six months. It’s so far away, you forget about it entirely and spend your wage on anything but the credit card debt. Of course, when the bill arrives and the extortionate interest rate has doubled the fee, you gasp in horror. Forget about late deals being cheaper as a rule (more on that later) – focus on organising your finances. As silly as it sounds, it’s easy to blank on the £1,000 holiday while you’re paying off other “investments.”


The Savings


As promised, let’s concentrate on cheap deals. There is a myth that booking early is the best way to secure a bargain. In reality, the late deal holidays are almost always less expensive, and here the reasons:


  • The demand is lower: When you go on holiday, you get the urge to book around spring or early summer. If you leave it until the start of autumn, the demand and prices are lower.
  • The necessity: Airlines, like hotels, can’t afford too many seats and rooms to go unsold. As a result, they’d rather sell them and break even or make a smaller profit.


These make the late arrangements bargains.


The Unpredictability


There is a lot to learn from the Covid-19 pandemic, whether it’s how essential mental health is to how easier it is to stay healthier when you’re housebound! But, the main thing to arise from the experience is that anything can happen at any time. Before the start of 2020, nobody would have dreamed that the travel and tourism industries could go bust, yet major airlines and operators are struggling.


At least by booking late, you limit the chances of being caught out unawares.


*This is a collaborative post*

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