5 cleaning hacks for the busy mum

I was never house proud until a few years ago, ironically when I became a mum and suddenly I felt the overwhelming urge to clean and tidy all the time.

Unfortunately that’s impossible with a baby/toddler/child – there is always laundry to do, always crumbs on the floor and always mess.

And it drives me CRAZY.

I just want one day where I can have a tidy house, just one day… and when I raise my frustrations with others they just laugh.

I am a little OCD with tidying these days – I find if my house is messy and cluttered it makes my anxiety ten times worse.

I’ve tried all sorts to try and get a routine going as well as accepting that my house is messy and it’s okay, and I’ve found the following on my parental house-cleaning journey:

  1. Wet wipes are amazing.  Wet wipes start out as simply a bottom-cleansing device but become so much more.  I dust my surfaces, shelves, TV – all I need these days to clean my house are a pack of baby wipes.  The stuff of dreams, I tell you.  I have found as times move forward I am looking for more eco-friendly methods, so I tend to use washable clothes.  We all need to do our bit to save the environment, and online there are many tips. There are also lots of companies like green facilities who offer business cleans, and even some that have an eco-friendly ethos about their work.
  2. Zoflora.  I discovered this delicious smelling disinfectant in the pound shop one Christmas and have bought it by the bucket load ever since.  Kid taken a dump on the floor?  Rub a little Zoflora – pooey smell gone.
  3. Carpet sweeper.  I never get the time or energy to hoover as much as I should, and so a cheeay little sweeper is perfect.
  4. Two laundry baskets.  I live with two boys.  They leave pants everywhere.  And so I have an upstairs and downstairs laundry basket, to lessen the chances of random pants being left out.  They still end up not in the bin.
  5. Cistern blocks.  Again, boys smell and I’m a stickler for a clean loo.  I love cistern blocks – they usually come in blue or pink and they help keep the loo smelling fresh and looking clean.

What are your cleaning ‘hacks’?  I’d love to hear them get in touch!

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