5 Home Tasks You Need To Stop Putting Off

Are you putting off important tasks around your home? Below are 5 commonly delayed tasks that you need to start tackling now.

Tackling your clutter

Decluttering is a daunting job. It can be time-consuming and emotionally challenging, which is why many of us put it off. However, the longer you leave it, the worse the task will become – the more clutter you accumulate, the more stuff you have to sift through.

There are gradual ways to reduce clutter, but if you’re the type of person that puts off decluttering, it may be better to do as much as you can in as short a time frame as possible. Schedule a weekend for sorting through your clutter. It could be worth booking a skip to help you get rid of clutter there and then – booking a skip online is quick and easy. Consider asking a friend or family member to help to get things done faster (you could agree to help them declutter their home in the future). 

Fixing that leaky tap

Fixing a leaky tap is the most commonly delayed repair job. The reason many of us put it off is because it doesn’t cause any major disruptions – unlike a blocked u-bend or faulty washing machine, you can usually still go about your daily routine. However, if ignored for too long, it could lead to a high water bill.

Repairing a leaky tap is a fairly easy job that you may be able to do yourself – you can check out how-to guides online. Alternatively, you can hire a plumber (such a job generally shouldn’t cost too much). 

Replacing those broken fence panels

Another commonly delayed home repair task is replacing broken fence panels. While broken fence panels rarely cause much disruption, they may lead to privacy issues or home security vulnerabilities, which is why you should fix them.

This is a job that can generally be done oneself. If a lot of your fencing is damaged, consider whether it’s time to replace the whole fence. It could be worth talking to your neighbour before replacing the fence.

Replacing that old mattress

Mattresses should be replaced every 6 to 8 years. After this point they can become breeding grounds for bacteria. They’re also likely to have lost much of their spinginess, resulting in a less comfortable night’s sleep – which could even lead to joint problems.

Most people put off replacing a mattress because of the cost and the hassle of getting it into the home. Most mattress stores will offer finance and handle delivery for you. This could make the process of buying a mattress cheaper and easier.

Deep cleaning your home

When was the last time you truly deep cleaned your home? This involves dusting all surfaces, getting behind furniture and making sure that things like curtains and blinds are cleaned.

An annual deep clean can help to prevent dust building up, which can help to keep the air quality in your home good. Deep cleaning could also be important for identifying any hidden mold or sources of bacteria that could be making you ill. Spring is traditionally the time to deep clean – consider allocating a weekend for cleaning your home top to bottom. 

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