5 Reasons Why Decluttering Your Home Can Help Improve Your Wellbeing

Over the years, many people start to accumulate a lot of ‘stuff’. Whether this is old children’s toys from when your tots were small or trinkets passed down from family members – in the end, it can all become a cluttered mess in your home. It can be challenging to throw this sentimental stuff away, but having a tidy out could benefit not just your home, but also your wellbeing too.

Taking inspiration from individuals such as Marie Kondo, you can also learn the art of tidying up and decluttering your life. Check out some of the reasons why throwing out those items you longer need, can help your overall health and wellbeing.

It makes you feel refreshed and energised

You’ll probably know that great feeling when you’ve ticked all the things on your to-do list, and this is a similar experience. Getting rid of unnecessary junk and clutter is a re-energising accomplishment, which helps you clear your mind. This new lease of life also improves your motivation in overall goals and gives you a pat on the back for getting things done.

Offers light exercise

Exercise is a significant benefit to your health and wellbeing, and decluttering can help move those muscles without you even noticing. As you’ll be moving furniture and lifting items, it gets the blood pumping and your energy levels rising to improve your mood and motivation. Of course, don’t forget to lift correctly, otherwise, you might put you’re back out!

Takes you down memory lane

If you’ve ever looked through old photos or found family treasures that you forgot you had, this offers a heart-warming feeling during your declutter. Finding these items can take you right back to the exact place and time, and provide you with a smile or laugh about the memories it holds. This is also a great time to remove those memories that don’t fill you with such joy, and once you’ve thrown them out, a weight will be lifted.

Helps relieve tension in your home

General mess and clutter can be the cause of a lot of arguments in the home. It might be that the kids haven’t put their toys away or older furniture is clogging up space, but you’re just not ready to throw it away. When you declutter, you don’t have to throw everything out – you can also store it away for when you might need it again. There are lots of storage options available such as Easy Access Self Storage, plus they are often in your local area and really affordable. You can place your items here, and access it any time you like.

Eases the chores (slightly)

If you feel like you always have to tidy or clean your home, this can cause unnecessary stress. By decluttering, you are removing excess items and furniture to give you more free space around your home. You also won’t have lots of trinkets collecting dust, and you’ll have a clear path to whip the hoover around with ease.

You don’t have to go into extreme declutter mode unless you want to of course, but by just getting rid of that unnecessary ‘stuff’, it can provide a clearer frame of mind, plus the bonus of a tidier home.


**This is a collaborative post**

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