5 steps to getting the house Autumn ready

It is almost September, where the nights start to draw in early and the temperature starts to fall.

Children start to go back to school and it does start to feel like summer is over. However, there are still a few weeks in hand to get the house Autumn ready, to transition from summer and making the living pad feel warm and cosy.

Deep clean the house

Cleaning the house just before a new season makes it appear gleaming and fresh. Cleaning that carpet, fireplace, dusting the commonly forgotten areas like the top of the shelves, cupboards and behind the fridge and washing machines will help get rid of dust and insects.

Cut the lawn

Giving your grass one last trim will help them look neat and trim all autumn. It will obviously need a cut again or two but not as regularly as in the summer. The next obvious thing that happens in autumn is that the leaves start to fall and in case you happen to have a pond in the garden, make sure you put netting on them to catch all the leaves, saves a lot of time cleaning later. It is also the best time to plant some new trees and shrubs.

Cushions and Throws


Now, coming back to the living room,​ ​there’s nothing better than curling up under a throw when the weather is extreme outside. Add new cushions and throws or even heavy woollen blankets to your sofa and bedroom and see the space transform. Go with brighter colours to offset the boring weather outside.


Make a list of what you want to sell and store, treat it as a project that needs to be done within a set time period. Donate all your unwanted clothes and make room for your winter clothes in the closet. Store all the summer furniture in the nearby storage unit. There are few cheap and secure storage units like ​Storage Manchester​ who guarantee to be the cheapest in that area.

Seasonal Storage

There are many benefits of having a self storage unit nearby where you can swap your seasonal items in and out with ease. You get extra storage that helps store all the chaos in the house. Space at home during autumn and winter is premium. Storage units at ​Storage Manchester​ provide spacious, clean and dry units from £1 a week. It is worth checking them out as storing in the garden, garage or under a cover will definitely give you that space you need inside the house, but is that really secure?


These are a few tips, I thought might help your house get Autumn ready, do comment below if you have more unique and modern ideas to feel cosier and warm this autumn.


*This is a collaborative post*

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