5 tips for getting a better nights sleep

We all had high hopes for 2021 – after 2020 we all hoped the pandemic would simmer out quietly and life could return to normal; however COVID-19 is still there and still causing many of us many a sleepless night.

Furlough, health fears and anxiety, money – it feels like the world is a whirling mess of worries, and I know it’s causing me issues sleeping.

So, I’m taking it back to basics – focusing on simple ways to sleep better, and where better to share it than here!

Cut down the caffeine

Too much caffeine will keep you up at night; especially if consumed in the afternoon or evening – there are plenty of decaffeinated drinks out there now including ‘bedtime brews’ and herbal teas.  Try a soothing cup of warming goodness without the caffeine for a restful way to drift off.

Cut the naps

I love a nap – but your body apparently aligns itself with sunrise and sunset(circadian rhythm and all that) meaning sleeping during the daylight hours for too long can cause issues drifting off at night.  I am however a huge fan of a power nap; which is usually 10-15 minutes of rest which doesn’t affect my sleep that night.

Set a bedtime routine

Nowadays we are all guilty of spending way too much time on electronic devices or working into the early hours; so it’s well worth setting a bedtime event that sets aside time to wind down and relax before bed.  A bath, reading a book, listening to an audiobook – these are all great ways to unwind before bed.

Eat properly

Now I know eating isn’t the first thing we think of when we consider how we sleep – but what you eat in the day can have a huge effect on your sleep quality.  Consuming large meals late, or lots of very fatty/junk meals can cause stomach issues and restless nights.  A nutritionally balanced diet will give your body all the right things and will improve your sleep quality.

Check your bedding

Is your mattress, pillow, duvet, and other items making your sleep poor?  If you suffer from a stiff neck or aches and pains every morning it’s likely one of the aforementioned items may need replacing.  Bedding and mattress choices are extermely subjective, so it’s well worth investigating various options and finding the best ones to suit your own needs.

Have you struggled with poor sleep? Do you have any tips or trick for improving sleep?  Please comment below 🙂


*this is a collaborative post*

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