7 Simple Decorating Tips That Will Transform Your Living Spaces

Decorating your doesn’t have to costs a small fortune. There are many simple ways to spruce your place up that won’t cost much but will make a significant change. 


Use these 7 tips to transform your living space without breaking the bank. 


1. Paint the Ceiling


For those of you who like to have white walls but want to add some color to their rooms, try painting your ceiling. A lot of us forget to utilize the ceiling space, but a splash of paint goes a long way.


Try to keep colors soft and subtle so that the ceiling doesn’t steal too much attention away from the room. 

2. Move Your Furniture Around

This simple task costs you absolutely nothing but can make a massive difference to your rooms. Take a look at your room and think about ways in which you can move furniture around to create a new fresh space.


You may not have to decorate your living room at all, just lift the furniture and change the positioning. You can almost create an entirely new room this way.

3. Use Textures

Textures are a hot trend in interior design right now. Use multiple textures to add depth to your rooms. Don’t just think about the walls either. Consider using texture on your rugs, pillows, and throws too.

The textures will spice up the room a bit, and if you use different colors, you can flip them around from time to time to keep things looking fresh.

4. Refurbish Your Kitchen


When people think about refurbishing their kitchen, they think the word “expensive.” Not so much anymore. You can now refurb your kitchen on a budget allowing you to create a beautiful new functional kitchen space for your home. 


Go online and see amazing kitchen refurbs for some inspiration. Instead of completely refitting your kitchen this year, which is expensive, try refurbishing it for a fresh new look.

5. Install a Light Dimmer

Simple, cheap, but highly effective at transforming living spaces. A light dimmer dial is a perfect addition to any room. It allows you to create the ideal ambiance for various times of the day or activities.


You can set the lights low for a romantic night in or take them up a notch for family game night. 

6. Upcycle

Upcycling is a great way to reuse old things for new purposes in your home. It’s also a great way to mitigate your impact on the environment by avoiding buying new stuff. You can turn old plates into art, old bed frames into ornaments, or even an old ladder into a bookshelf.


The possibilities for upcycling are endless. Get on Pinterest for some inspiration and start creating your own art and furniture with your old unwanted things.

7. Paint and Update Your Wooden Furniture

If you have lots of wooden furniture in your home, then get it cleaned up, sanded down, polished and repainted. You will be amazed at how this simple task can breathe new life into your interior design.


In your kitchen, think about painting your lower cabinets using a two-tone color scheme. If you have light floors and light countertops, go for a dark color and vice versa.

*this is a collaborative post*


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