A confession: tattoo regrets

I always said I’d never regret my tattoos – every single one I have I’m proud of for various reasons.

I got my first tattoo when I was 18 – a simple butterfly on my right shoulder, in pastel colours and I was super proud of it.  Until I spent too much time in the sun and the colours faded to nothing.  Boo.

It was touched up a few years later and has remained nice and bright ever since – I even had it expanded a few years later, with more butterflies and swirls added.  And, unfortunately, some vague inspirational text.

‘Just floating like a butterfly’.

It wasn’t until a night out a few years later I realised I had the first line of ‘Tease Me’ by Chaka Demus & Pliers inscribed on my shoulder forever.  I have no regrets though – it doesn’t look horrendous and it makes me laugh.

Plus it’s where I can’t see it.  Turn a blind eye and all that…

I got a little love heart on my wrist one day – I was bored while waiting for the car to be MOT’d so decided to get a tattoo.  There were worst things I could’ve got and it doesn’t look too bad.

I have a little flower on my right ankle – only a small tattoo but it was the most painful of all.  Ouch.

Many years ago after losing a huge amount of weight I decided to get a tea-stain birthmark covered up with a floral tattoo; it was just below my belly button and it looked great.  Until I gained and lost weight several times and then ballooned when pregnant.  It’s now a saggy sad looking triffid.  Sob.

The one I have the most regrets about?  I got the boy’s name and date of birth on my wrist a few years ago, I knew what I wanted and I was excited.  Except the tattoo artist did it wonky, much bigger than I asked and I’ve not been happy with it ever since.  It looks amateur and awful and I’m keen to get it rectified but I’ve no idea how.

The obvious choice would be to get it covered and that seems to be the easiest option – I’ve looked at designs like mandalas and patterns that would cover it up well but what if it’s still visible?

The other option would be laser tattoo removal at a clinic like City Tattoo Removal or Pulse Light Clinic; both of which offer payment plans and special offers.  I’m not sure which option is the best for me but I’ll have a good look into both before I decide.

Apologies for quality – image blurred for privacy

I do feel guilty for wanting to have it covered up – after all, it’s my son’s name and birth date but it’s not how I wanted it to be. I’ve got a few tattoos so my advice would be to anyone considering one is make sure you find a tattooist who has a good reputation – have a look at their work plus some artists tend to ‘specialise’ in certain things like delicate line work or portraits.

Have you got any tattoo regrets?

**This is a collaborative post**


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