A Guide To The Best Blinds For Your Home

Redecorating is a part of living in a place for a year or 20 years. For some, it can be a chance to start anew. For others, it is an arduous task that takes too much energy, requiring the mood to strike to make changes around the house. Some rooms, like the bathroom and your bedroom, are easier to decorate while others, like the living room, take more thought. 

One major key to giving a room a facelift is its window treatment. Depending on the mood and tone of your room, you may want to opt for shades or blinds. If blinds match your room’s aesthetic, you are in luck. Blinds can provide great privacy and light control, plus they are easy to clean and can last for a long time. They come in all different shapes, sizes, materials, and colors. Some are made to measure wooden blinds. Others are made of metal. Now that you’re in the mood to redecorate, below is a guide to choosing the best blinds for your home.

Vertical Blinds

These are probably the blinds that came with the apartment or home. They are commonly used for large glass doors that are found on patio or backyard doors. They run from ceiling to floor, covering the entire door or window.

Venetian Blinds

This style is also very common in homes. They consist of horizontal slats that are attached to cords or strips of cloth that keep each slat equal distance apart. You have to pull the string that controls their height to the left to unlock the slats. As these types of blinds are raised, the bottom slat is pressed into the slat above it.

Roman Shades

Roman shades are made from fabric that lays flat when lowered but when raised it folds into itself. This can create a beautiful look but since the fabric stacks onto each other similar to Venetian blinds, it partially obstructs the view outside your window.


These are an excellent way to filter the sunlight into your home. They are very durable and add a classy touch to any room. Usually made of vinyl or wood, this style fits into the window frame’s interior. The slats are connected by a vertical wooden piece that is usually placed in the middle, able to open or close the slats by pulling the middle piece up or down.

Panel Blinds

Also popular for patio doors and large windows, panel blinds consist of sectioned panels typically built from thin fabric that hang vertically. They move along a track, allowing you to easily open and close them. They slide together like dominoes to let light in the room or keep light out.

Smart Blinds

These have become increasingly popular. Smart blinds can sync with your smartphone through an app and can be programmed to close or open at whatever time of day you choose. They come in a variety of traditional styles as well as contemporary styles.


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