A new addition

So this last week has been a little crazy.  We started the week as a family of four.

Me, the hubs, the mancub and our black cat Pierre.

We discovered on Monday that our next door neighbours were moving house and they were unable to take or find a home for their six month old puppy.

I grew up around dogs as did hubs and we talked about one day getting a dog; when the mancub was older and all that.

Monday night we met her and fell in love; and we have now become her forever home.

Cue every person in the world telling us how crazy we are.

“A toddler and a puppy? Madness…”

“You’ll be tied down for the next 15 years”

Blah, blah, etc.

So on Thursday she came to live with us; and we wondered if we had done the right thing.

the mancub was overexcited. Give a toddler sixteen bags of Haribo and twenty fruit shoots and that will give you some idea.

She was called Skyla but the mancub had his own ideas

“Call doggy chicken nugget mummy”

Awkward… I’m sure he meant avocado or apple or something healthy; he’s never had a chicken nugget.


After we talked him down we went through some options and settled on Lucy.

How to describe Lucy dog.  She’s a mix of things but predominantly Pug and King Charles Cavalier Spaniel.

Her face is what I would call the cutest buggy=eyed ugly-but-gorgeous Pug chops.

She has chins for miles and when she sleeps her eyes disappear under her gorgeous fawny rolls.

From the shoulders back the Cavalier in her is clear; she has a smooth and slim build with a Pug curly tail.

She’s stubborn, loving, lazy yet excitable.

the mancub loves her, and I can see they will be long time friends.

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